Run Eat Repeat’s Accent Vlog


  1. Erica H. says

    I SAY “ROON” TOO! I thought I was alone. My boyfriend also thought it was weird and didnt say anything for the longest time. He still chuckles whenever I say it.

  2. Jessica says

    This was fun! I like the “cucaracha stompers”. Hilarious!

    also, the question about the shopping cart…in the south, a lot of people say “buggy”. It is something I still battle with and struggle not to say so others won’t tease me..haha.

  3. Jennifer L. says

    I totally say ruin “wrong” too – and I was born and raised in Southern CA so maybe that’s the reason?? I didn’t even realize I said it wrong until watching this – no one has ever mentioned it to me.

  4. says

    This is great! I posted mine on Saturday… I live in Chicago but was born and raised in Alabama. It’s comical to say the least. ….and it’s totally a buggy!!! 😛

  5. Jessica F says

    I definitely say ruin the same way you do. That’s how everyone around me would pronounce it growing up. I also call the rollie pollie’s potato bugs instead. And of course, pop instead of soda.

    The thing I find interesting is what people call the device you drink water out of when you are at school or the gym.

    I’ve also noticed that people in Washington often will pronounce the ‘x’ sound for words that are an ‘es’. For example, especially and espresso. Drives me bonkers.

  6. says

    This was funny! Hearing ‘chanclas’ and the other words en espanol is not something I say as I somehow lost Spanish while growing up but it did remind me of my family.

  7. says

    My family in New England calls shopping carts buggies… and my old roommate was from Memphis and he calls them “baskets”. I used to get irritated going to the store with him sometimes because he’d say, “we have to grab a basket” so I’ll go to grab one of the little carrier baskets and he’ll come walking up with a cart. lol

    I noticed in one of your Ask a Monican videos the way you say guacamole like “guac-a-mole-a” – I totally say it like “guac-a-moley” lol

  8. Shellie says

    When it’s raining and the sun is shining in Georgia you say the Devil is beating his wife. I personally hate that saying and it always confused me as a child!

  9. says

    this is great! and i love how you say words like quesadilla and taquito with a spanish accent! i have friend who does that when he goes to taco bell and it confuses the heeelll out of the poor middle-eastern people who run the place!

  10. says

    This is so fun, I’ve got to tell ya, that as a Southerner who spent a few years living in Orange, CA, I got the strangest accent for awhile. One guy I worked with a year or so ago came up to me and asked me if I was from Philly, PA!!

    Just a note – what the heck is “buggy” about? It must be a deep south thing, no one in North Carolina says “buggy” to describe a shopping cart. Since moving to northern Florida I’ve noticed a different type of south I’m used to…

  11. Maren says

    hahaha I love it!! I’m so glad you said it!! :) And that is so funny because my best friend says rooned, too, and my dad used to give her such a hard time about it!! You were crackin me up with that story!

  12. says

    Lol, I think you’re one of the few people besides my Grandma (who I call Gramm) and one of my uncles, who has used the word “chonies”. Of course, I live near Pico, so yeah XP

  13. sally kate says

    I call everything thats soda- coke, a remote control is the clicker, i call a cart at the grocery store a buggy. The devils beating his wife is when its raining with the suns out.:) I have developed the weirdest accent now that I moved from the south to Colorado.

  14. Tiffany says

    I grew up in Pico Rivera, too! Did you attend El Rancho High? I graduated from there in ’98. I currently reside in Whittier.

    I have been meaning to comment on your blog for the longest time! You have a great sense of humor. Your honesty and sincerity really show through your writing!

  15. says

    Oh my gosh, so I have to admit it is a pet peeve of mine when people who normally don’t have an accent have one just for certain words. Like Giada on the Food Network and Italian words. I’m always screaming at her in my head “Either have that accent all the time or don’t have one at all!” 😉 lol

  16. Marcee .... CHICAGO = blizzard alert .... NOW!!!! says

    Moni …. Amazing how all these conversations get-a-going with just a few things YOU say!! Ohgosh, I so love it. Everyone is absolutely entertaining. However, you are the leader of the pack! To me, you do not look Mexican. More Irish ~ hahaha! So cute though.

    Sally-Kate …. very funny! NO …. I do not say/use any of those words/things …. nor do folks in CO I’m betting. Oh …. what sort of weird accent? Tell us.

    Yeah Amber …. I’m w/ya. Riles me up too re the Italian-princess-chef! She can very often get on our nerves.

  17. says

    Ha I called them chonies when I was dating a guy who’s family called them that…he wasn’t Hispanic though, he was Filipino and Native American. I think it was the Native American side that took up some of the Spanish phrasing for things. But…he’s long gone so I haven’t called them “chonies” in years 😉

    I love the other So Cal V-logs. I think you sound like much less of a Valley Girl than I do…and you’re closer to the Valley LOL (I’m in San Diego)

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