Sipping On the Carbahol Part II

“Hi, My name is Monica and I’m a carbaholic. I hit rock bottom when I ate a cheese bagel, cereal and 5 gallons of iced coffee in one day. Now I’m just trying to take it one day at a time.”
(You): “Hi Monica.”

Today I put rice on my salad and I knew I needed to talk with someone. I considered ending it all, or at least ending the rest of my Cinnamon Burst Cheerios, but I decided to be strong.

IMG 7558 thumb Sipping On the Carbahol Part II

Actually that’s a lie – that rice on my salad was a genius idea. You should do it. Unless this makes me a carb dealer. Peer pressure is a B.

I mixed it with spray butter and salt. If that is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.IMG 7562 thumb Sipping On the Carbahol Part II

I had a job interview this afternoon and then went on a wild goose chase trying to track down a package. No it wasn’t a package of carbs, I’m trying to get off the stuff.

But, I did come home to tortilla soup with avocado and a big bowl of popcorn. This is what happens when you stop by Target when you’re hungry. The Siren’s Song of those buttery corn kernels is too much for me to resist. At least I made my own.IMG 7563 thumb Sipping On the Carbahol Part II

america hates vegetables Sipping On the Carbahol Part II

Around 8pm Ben randomly called and needed a ride home from work. Today was weird.

Anyways, he hadn’t eaten and apparently is not in the business of eating popcorn and soup for dinner (his loss) so we went through a generic burger drive through.

I drank the kool-aid ate the fries.

IMG 7565 thumb Sipping On the Carbahol Part II

He says this is the best burger he’s had in years, or since last Tuesday. Same deal.

IMG 7566 thumb Sipping On the Carbahol Part II

I tried to pry myself away from his fries with a Vitatop. It’s like I always say, “Don’t stop till you Vitatop!”

IMG 7568 thumb Sipping On the Carbahol Part II

I don’t know what’s worse for my health – the fact that my diet is 80% carbs or all these cheesy jokes…

At least carbs aren’t full of saturated fats. Ba dum bump.


  1. says

    I’m too am a carboholic. I love rice on salad! My favorite combo is: salad/lettuce/spinach+ Rice then topped with a poached egg.
    My second addiction… runny yolks.

  2. says

    Rice over salad is amazing. If you didn’t have an interesting diet that a lot of us can relate to from time to time, then your blog wouldn’t be as interesting :)

  3. says

    Adding grains to salads is a genius idea!!! It truly adds so much to the entire salad and makes for a wholesome lunch.
    PS- If you’re dealing carbs, I want in! :)

  4. says

    Don’t be afraid of the carbs!!!! I tried going cold turkey and ended up having no energy and got so dizzy I couldn’t even help my mom with chores. She ended up forcing two pieces of PB toast down my throat. :) Gotta love my mommy. And I lost the majority of my weight eating carbs, so they are your friend! :)

  5. says

    I love putting rice in my salads! I actually thinks it helps to keep your fuller for a little longer then normal.

    I love carbs too. You’re not alone!

  6. Ella says

    I love carbs too. I got fresh bread from a local bakery yesterday and I keep ripping hunks off the loaf its too yummy haha

  7. Lindsay @ Brownies For Brunch says

    You are hilarious! I really think your next Vlog should be you doing a new Michael Jackson rendition of “Don’t Stop Till you Get A Vitatop”. Instant fame :-)

  8. Nicole C says

    HI Monica!
    I stopped by your blog to check it out after seeing your guest post on meals and moves. I have to say, I love cheesy jokes, keep ‘em coming! :)

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