Cheetos Are The New Crouton

The Cheetos on a salad thing was originally done out of convenience. The other day Ben was eating a sandwich for lunch and I was having a massive salad. But, I wanted some Cheetos too (of course!)! I grabbed a big handful and, not wanting to dirty another plate, threw them on top of my salad. IMG 8573 thumb Cheetos Are The New Crouton

And so begins my new love affair with Cheetos on a salad… IMG 8570 thumb Cheetos Are The New Crouton

Silly Monica. I thought some mangoes would work as lunch dessert…

IMG 8574 thumb Cheetos Are The New Crouton

But totally went searching for chocolate shortly after. I think chocolate is the new post-meal mint wlEmoticon winkingsmile14 Cheetos Are The New CroutonIMG 8588 thumb Cheetos Are The New Crouton

I have a busy afternoon = meeting in Newport, running group, studying! IMG 8585 thumb Cheetos Are The New CroutonSee ya tonight wlEmoticon smile26 Cheetos Are The New Crouton

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    OMG, I LOVE Cheetos!! After one of my very first long runs (9 miles for me :) I had a serious craving for them. Nothing says “I’m awesome” like Cheetos!!

    You are brilliant to use them as croutons.

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    I should be repulsed that you put Cheetos in your salad but I like Cheetos too so I will let it slide this time.

    I spy some pretty roses behind you. Can you show us? I love flowers.

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    Cheetos remind me so much of being a kid – I always put them in my sandwiches growing up. Such a good crunch! Dried mango is my obsession lately. It’s expensive at Whole Foods, though, and not TJs in Dallas. boo.

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    Hey, are you still thinking about the BFL program? I’m going to start it soon and I’m wondering your thoughts on it. I’m nervous (that it won’t work or I won’t be able to keep it up) but mostly excited!

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      No I haven’t been sticking to it. I realized it was a little to strict for me and kinda triggered me to a bad place. Instead, I’ve been taking baby steps in that direction by eating more protein and trying to eat a little less sweets.

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    Cheetos are my favorite – I now have a need to go out and get some to try on a salad! I would always put them on my sandwiches as a kid (errr, maybe as a grownup, too), and they sound like a great salad topper. You rock with the excellent ideas :)

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    Yeah I am REALLY hoping I can do it and not go to the bad place. Last time I tried a program like this is was bad news, but I’m hoping if I come at it with a better attitude and listen to my own needs, I can be finally reach my goals and make them stick!

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