Refried Bean Pasta Lunch


I ended up doing 8 miles and walking 1 to cool down. It is warm today and I should have brought water or Gatorade. It was rough. But, totally my fault for waiting so long and not fueling enough. On my cool down walk I dreamt up lunch. First and foremost I wanted to finish off the guacamole before Ben gets to it. So I needed something guac friendly. But I also wanted pasta, … [Read more...]

My Newest Race Shirt


This morning I am wearing my race shirt from the Black Cat 10 miler I did the week before last. I have joked that I love technical race tees because it saves me money on running gear! I know some girls don’t wear their race tees because they can be sloppy on petite people, but I guess that’s a perk of being big boned? Here is a run down of the race shirts I’ve collected over … [Read more...]

Brown Rice Cereal is not Sprinkles


I don’t know if it’s the warm weather or what, but I have been craving cold cereal lately. This afternoon I had a bowl of crispy rice cereal with almond milk and chia seeds. Hit the spot. I also had a piece of the Sweet Potato Samosa Casserole from yesterday. No pic as I ate it right out of the container all classy like. While out running errands, I treated myself to an iced … [Read more...]