She’s Just Not That Into You – Running


This morning I woke up dreading my long run. That is a bad sign from the get-go. While training for the Long Beach Marathon I was excited about my long runs. I would plan out my route the night before, make sure my Garmin was charged and look forward to it. I think that is how running should be. This is my hobby and if I don’t enjoy it I shouldn’t be doing it. I look back on … [Read more...]

Half a Flat of Strawberries


Ah! I am going to turn into a Strawberry! There is a local farm that has strawberry stands all around Orange County. Luckily (?) there are two within a mile of me so I pass them all the time. I am always disappointed by store bought strawberries, but these are the most amazing red berries you’ll ever try. Trust me. Today I stopped and bought half a flat. That is A LOT of … [Read more...]