All In


This morning I woke up hesitant to do my long run. I wasn’t really “feeling it” and decided to talk myself up with iced coffee… and Twitter… Chandra, called me out so I was about to get out the door! Then, I noticed that Vegas was still acting kind of weird. He seemed a little depressed after his fight from the other night. He had a scratch on his head, but other than … [Read more...]

Costco Healthy Samples


The afternoon I enjoyed some Costco samples while perusing the aisles. Turns out Costco is pushing their healthy products today and I got Coach’s oats… And almond butter on a cracker I also had a “real” snack when I got home – Chobani and cereal. They’re Grrrrreat! Dinner was random, yet awesome. I had a bag of broccoli slaw that needed to be cooked. Originally, I was … [Read more...]