Costco Healthy Samples

The afternoon I enjoyed some Costco samples while perusing the aisles. Turns out Costco is pushing their healthy products today and I got Coach’s oats…

IMG 0669 800x600 thumb Costco Healthy Samples

And almond butter on a cracker wlEmoticon smile38 Costco Healthy Samples

IMG 0670 800x600 thumb Costco Healthy Samples

I also had a “real” snack when I got home – Chobani and cereal. They’re Grrrrreat!

IMG 0675 800x600 thumb Costco Healthy Samples

Dinner was random, yet awesome. I had a bag of broccoli slaw that needed to be cooked. Originally, I was going to make an Asian stir-fry with it (that’s what I always do). But I didn’t have tofu so I only had turkey to work with.

I ended up making a very good turkey stir-fry! This is going to be my new favorite thing. I added tons of hummus to the mix and it was deelish.

IMG 0678 800x600 thumb Costco Healthy Samples

I added some Annie’s Mac N Cheese after I was almost done. I didn’t have the idea to make it until I was almost done with the stir-fry and didn’t want to wait.

IMG 0684 800x600 thumb Costco Healthy Samples

Today from Costco I got:

  • tomatoes
  • beer (for Ben, I don’t like beer)
  • eggs
  • broccoli
  • melon
  • turkey
  • salad
  • bananas
  • hummus
IMG 0673 800x600 thumb Costco Healthy Samples

I’ve been trying to reign in our food budget a bit and normally would go a little crazier at Costco. I also hit up the “normal” store for other things we need like La Croix.

Tonight I managed to create a healthy peanut butter cookie. It’s still not the real thing and I think I just need to stop trying to re-create desserts for now – Too many fails that still get eaten. What a waste.youve had enough Costco Healthy Samples

But, if you do need the world’s easiest cookie recipe check this out.

Since Twitter is all a buzz about #100 Facts About Me I thought I’d share a few random tidbits. No, I don’t have 100 facts about myself, which is kind sad but also probably a relief (at least to you guys)…

Fun Facts Friday:

1. I cut Ben’s hair. And I cut my ex’s. I’m not good at it, but I must not totally suck since I’m still no one openly points and laughs, right?

2. I’ve always been a hypochondriac. As a kid, I used to wish I was allergic to something. If I ever got sick I would blame something I ate like, “I think it’s the Peaches n’ Cream oatmeal mom!”

I still don’t like peach flavored things. My mom couldn’t take a hint.

3. I wore the wrong size shoe all through high school because I was embarrassed about my big feet.

4. I missed my best friend’s wedding. That’s a long story.

5. My first dog was a Cocker spaniel named Lady. She died when I was a senior in HS.

GOLDEN RETRIEVER thumb Costco Healthy Samples

In other news – today I was reading my latest issue of Health magazine. There is an article called “Love to Eat? No Worries”. It addressed emotional eating and the fact that stopping it completely isn’t always realistic.

Basically, if you are going to eat for emotional reasons, realize what you’re doing and make it count.

My fave line, “When you eat to feel good, let yourself feel good. Then move on.”

If you don’t have a legit history with emotional eating, that may seem opposite of Intuitive Eating, but I get it.


  1. says

    That’s an interesting view you have about emotional eating. I was actually wondering about this and even wrote a post about it. Nice to know that I’m not the only one who thinks emotional eating occasionally is normal :P.

  2. Amanda says

    I get it too. I think emotional eating can be very normal, I love that quote! If it makes you feel good, then feel GOOD. Don’t feel bad about it! Then move on.

    I like the facts : D

  3. says

    I understand the emotional eating quote perfectly in the sense that if you’re going to emotionally eat, there’s no use beating yourself up about it because that merely contributes towards the cascade of negative emotions and feelings that precipitates such eating patterns in the first place. As a serious emotional overeater, I know for certain that when I get upset over eating a bit too much, the anxiety becomes overwhelming and then I eat even more, possibly even leading to a binge. Accepting emotional eating as a part of one’s psyche is hard when there’s so much societal stigma against it, but it’s true that if you’re going to eat to numb feelings, then you may as well at least enjoy what you’re having.

    I used to wish I was allergic to something when I was little too! I just wanted to be ‘special’ I suppose. I actually made up that I had a nut allergy when I was ten…thank goodness it was make believe given the amounts of PB I consume now.


    • says

      I totally agree that if you are emotional eating, then make yourself feel bad about it – that may only make it worse.

      I’m glad you’re not allergic to PB too :) So good.

  4. says

    I’ve been reading your blog for months now, but I finally got a blog of my own so now I can comment!
    I have never been in a Costco. From the looks of it, I think I may love it. I love free samples. I make my way back for seconds usually. It’s free, right?

  5. says

    I went to Costco one time (as an adult, I’ve gone a million times as a kid) and realized that it was the same price as my local grocery store, but just with bigger packages that I have no room for. Haven’t been back since!

    Oh and since I’m commenting you’ll notice I’m finally able to read your blog again!!!!!!!!! *happy dance* ;)

  6. says

    So Costcos must really coordinate their samples since I went to Costco yesterday as well and they were sampling the Coach’s oats and almond butter on a cracker. I couldn’t have the cracker (nut butter :-( ) but I did have some oats!

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