Just Right Run

Once upon a time there was a strange little girl who woke up and wanted to run. She set out not sure of how many miles she would do…

IMG 0925 thumb Just Right Run

First she ran into Ben, he was doing 2 miles. This wasn’t enough so she decided to keep running.

Then, she ran into SkinnyRunner (who lives closer than she realized!). SR was doing 9 miles. That was a little too much for her chubby little red-headed legs.

She decided to do 6 miles. It felt juuuuuusssssst right.

When she got home she pulled out the overnight oats she had “cooking” in the fridge.IMG 0928 800x533 thumb Just Right Run

Last night she mixed – oats, kefir, pumpkin, stevia and pumpkin pie spice.IMG 0940 533x800 thumb Just Right RunIMG 0929 800x533 thumb Just Right Run

But eating it straight up like that isn’t very good, so this morning she added: chia seeds, cereals, granola, banana, PB and almond milk.

IMG 0937 800x533 thumb Just Right RunLayers of goodness!

IMG 0935 800x533 thumb Just Right Run

It was just right! Well, it was just right after she added 2 cups of iced coffee…IMG 0938 800x533 thumb Just Right Run

This Saturday Sigma Omega Nu from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo is holding a 5K run/walk to benefit a Women’s Shelter in the area. If you are close enough to come out and support, please do! You can find more information here.WalkAwayIPV thumb Just Right Run

Have a great day!


    • says

      Kefir comes in different flavors just like yogurt. This one is plain and is tart (like plain yogurt). I used to buy it every now and then in the past and decided to try it again this weekend :)

  1. Jill says

    So, how long does it take until 6mi feels ‘just right’? I did a 10k last weekend and it was near to my limit (for now). But I do remember looking at 5 miles as something huge, and almost impossible to reach. That was a very satisfying milestone (pun intended) to reach.
    I’m reaching for ten miles now. Perhaps the inspiration of all these delicious foods will spur me onwards? The further I run, the more I can eat, right?

    • says

      Six miles always feels “just right” for me. I actually started running at that distance because I didn’t know any better :) I’m really lucky that my body likes to run that distance and it’s no big thing and never really has been.

    • says

      It depends on if I stall my run or not (which is happening more and more lately).

      If I wake up and go then I’ll wait. But, if I stall then I eat a few handfuls of cereal or a piece of toast with PB.

      Hope that helps :)

  2. says

    LOVE those yummy bowls of loaded up overnight oats….I eat them everyday, literally! I load the chia, flax, cocoa, homemade granola, some PB2 or Adam’s All natural PB, stevia and then a splash of unsweetened almond milk. I actually get excited about finishing a workout just so I can eat them! After seeing yours, I think I may need to give some pumpkin a flashy premier!

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