Post Dinner Walk

Dinner was a sweet potato that’s been tapping it’s little sweet potato foot waiting to be eaten. Plus a few boneless wings I got for Ben, then proceeded to thief.

IMG_0899 (800x533)

After dinner we took a walk. The weather is so amazing today it’s sick.

IMG_0906 (800x600)

I’m planning on making a big ol’ smoothie in a bowl for dessert. This is an old picture, but you get the idea Smile

IMG_0531 (1024x683)

Thank you all so much for your well wishes about Vegas. He is doing better (but still looks disastrous. The tube and stiches should come out Friday. I’m managing to shoot antibiotics down his throat and Ben’s in charge of cleaning the wound. We’re considering this practice for when we have kids and have promptly decided to get


  1. says

    I went ‘oh noooo, awww!’ when I saw the pictures of Vegas. My roommate looked at me strangely. 😛
    I’m jealous of your nice weather! It’s horrid up north.

  2. says

    OMG! My hubby and I are the SAME way about our cats! He is better than me and has treated impacted anal glands and a “butt flap” of fur/poop around the butt. It makes both of us NEVER want to be parents *shudder*

  3. says

    Weird! I had roasted broccoli and sweet potato for dinner last night, but in a totally different form. I put the broccoli on a salad, and made the sweet potato into baked chips. Glad the kitty seems to be doing better!

  4. Hannah says

    Heyy there… I was wondering if you have or will do a post about trying to eat healthy when your significant other doesn’t eat so healthy? I am struggling with that issue right now and I need advice! pleeeease

  5. alicia says

    hahaha aside from diapers, i dont think you would have to deal with anything quite that disgusting with children!!

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