Thanks, But No Thanks

Instead of my normal “Confession Thursday” post, I have some “Thank Yous “and “No Thank Yous” to share…

First, I would like to say “Thank you” to this amazing smoothie in a bowl that filled my ice cream craving today.

IMG 8866 800x533 thumb Thanks, But No Thanks

But, No Thanks to me for being a Cereal Killer and refilling the bowl with various cereals after the smoothie was gone- several times. Boo, Monica. cereal killer thumb Thanks, But No ThanksI had a lot on my mind this afternoon. It’s not an excuse, but we’re moving on…

Thank You to my dinner mish-mash that ended up delicious! IMG 8882 800x533 thumb Thanks, But No ThanksI stir-fried a bag of veggie mix, black beans, mushrooms and peanut sauce. Then, added eggs to make it fried rice-like.

IMG 8874 800x533 thumb Thanks, But No Thanks

Peanuts really made it amazing!

IMG 8880 800x533 thumb Thanks, But No Thanks

But No Thanks to the fact that brown rice takes 1 hour to cook and I opted out. I guess it’s good I OD-ed on cereal this afternoon wlEmoticon sadsmile3 Thanks, But No Thanks

Thank you to these amazing Adora disks that are Calcium supplements NOT candy, but allow me to get my candy fix in wlEmoticon winkingsmile10 Thanks, But No Thanks

IMG 8885 800x533 thumb Thanks, But No Thanks

But, No Thanks to the Lean Pocket I ate at midnight on Tuesday. It made me have a dream that I was in the hospital and needed a catheter. Then, I got up to pee. No lie.lean pockets at midnight thumb Thanks, But No Thanks

Thank You to this pimple on my face that convinced the local cashier that I needed to be carded to buy a Lotto ticket…IMG 1177 600x800 thumb Thanks, But No Thanks

No Thanks to the 3 other pimples that decided to join the party.

A HUGE Thank You to Meb Keflezighi for following me on Twitter this week! image thumb6 Thanks, But No Thanks

meb rocks thumb Thanks, But No Thanks(source)

and Thank You for reading!

pin it button Thanks, But No Thanks


  1. says

    ugh I’ve had weird hospital dreams too. Not a fan. Once I dreamt that I was frozen in a bath tub having my kidney removed. What the heck?

  2. Steph says

    Mmm your green smoothies always makes me hungry!!! :)

    Random question, are you still wearing/using the body bug? Haven’t read about it recently?

    • says

      Steph, It’s funny that you ask because I totally forgot to wear it yesterday and I felt weird without it. I have been wearing it consistently, but don’t check the calorie count every night – more like every few.

      More than anything I just want to know how many calories I’m burning because I really had no idea (I refuse to wear a HRM).

  3. ida says

    pre-cooked brown rice is where it’s at! who has the time to cook that from scratch?! And Meb following you on twitter is baller.

  4. Jill says

    I feel your pain with the brown rice. It’s so yummy, so healthy yet it’s never ready when the rest of the meal is. How about cooking up a big batch of brown rice then freezing it into portion sizes?
    I did the same thing with steel cut oatmeal, which also takes forever to cook. Added raisins and real maple syrup.

  5. says

    I know someone mentioned pre-cooked brown rice but careful if you try it because it’s packed with sodium (although maybe you wouldn’t mind. :) ) I use Minute Rice brown rice and it takes about 10 minutes!! Do it.

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