Afternoon Ice Cream

Waiting too long for breakfast this morning completely threw off my hunger signals. Only 2 hours after my first meal of the day I made a big bowl of salad. IMG 0150 800x600 thumb Afternoon Ice CreamCheetos Croutons are back and delicious as ever wlEmoticon smile52 Afternoon Ice Cream

IMG 0151 800x600 thumb Afternoon Ice Cream

Even after this volume eating I wanted dessert and decided to polish off the ice cream. It felt “wrong” to have ice cream with lunch. I always think of it as an end of the night dessert. But, maybe that’s why I overdo it at night – because I save what I really want until I’m tired and have no will power?IMG 0153 800x600 thumb Afternoon Ice Cream

I am going to a wedding that’s about 70 miles away right now and just realized my OC Half Marathon wake up call is 4am! I am officially going on record and vowing that I will have fun tomorrow, enjoy it and just use this as a practice race. I usually start out way too fast and get way too nervous for races – not this time. I’m going for fun. Promise.monica at oc marathon thumb Afternoon Ice Cream

That picture is from the last time I did the OC half marathon in 2009.

I better get my stuff together before I leave! See ya later wlEmoticon smile52 Afternoon Ice Cream


  1. says

    good luck tmrw! i always think of ice cream as an after dinner thing too. but i think that in the summer it’s nicer to have that in the afternoon, cool you off during the day

  2. says

    Ahh I feel you on the nerves ive done one 5k and now after today one half and I cried both times the day before I am not good at this whole racing thing

  3. says

    U are my idol! Loving the ice cream with lunch and the cheetos on the salad!

    My 2 fave things ever together!!!! Cheetos and Ice cream!! I need to come hang out with you!!!

    Good luck tomorrrow!!

  4. Jennifer says

    Good luck tomorrow! I’ve been sidelined due to IT Band issues and I am living vicariously through you right now!!!

    On a side note…I bought Peanut Butter Puffins tonight because you rave about them. YUM!!!!!!!!!

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