Fitbloggin Friday with Yum Yucky

Hello Friends Smile How’s your Friday?

I was really craving a sandwich for lunch, so I made sure to get “real” bread from Costco. Sometimes a sandwich thin doesn’t cut it, ya know? Having a real bread sandwich isn’t what got me ten extra pounds. Eating ten pounds of ice cream did.IMG_0457 (800x600)

I paired it with carrots, fruit and some stolen baked Cheetos from Ben’s plate SmileIMG_0454 (600x800)

We dipped the carrots and Cheetos (and our sandwiches actually) in this new Costco find – Jalapeno Yogurt Dip.IMG_0459 (600x800)

These nutritionals are better than hummus! And it’s dee-lish. Score!IMG_0461 (600x800)

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It’s Fitbloggin Friday! Today we’re talking to Josie from Yum Yucky.josie yum yucky

1. How long have you been blogging?

I started blogging in January 2009 to stop being lazy at night and keep
myself from falling asleep 7pm. I needed a hobby! Things took off fast
after only a few months and the happy-insanity has been going on ever

2. What topic are you speaking about?

My session is called: "From Hobbyist to Professional: Take Blogging To The
Next Level". This is a joint session with @NoMoreBacon, @PriorFatGirl and
@ShePosts. Full session deets is on the Fitbloggin website, here.

3.  Why do you think this is an important topic?

If there’s anyone out there like me, you might find yourself blogging in
more of a pro capacity even through you didn’t plan on it. Blogging is
definitely still my hobby, but it’s also morphed into a paying gig. There
was so a hard learning curve when the pro aspect first came into play. I
remember reaching out to some people for help (in another well-established
blog niche), but I couldn’t get the guidance I needed, so I resorted to
trial and error. Even with help, trial and error will still come into
play, but as a blog community I think it’s important that we support each
other and help the next one succeed. This is why the topic is so
important. I also have an open door policy. I always give anyone help,
tips or guidance if they knock on my email inbox asking for advice.

4. You went to Fitbloggin last year – what was your favorite part? Connecting with the people is definitely my favorite part of Fitbloggin
and always will be. I love the energy in the place, the connections and
friendships that are born. This is what I look forward to most.

5. Anything else you want to add about yourself??

I might wear my afro wig to Fitbloggin. What do you think?

We’re only two weeks away from Fitbloggin! Next Friday I’m going to do a Flashback post on Fitbloggin last year. If you attended and did a recap please send me the link if you want me to include it!! My email is Runeatrepeat at gmail


  1. says

    that yoghurt dip sounds amazing! And ps I miss costco almost as much as I miss my mother and target. You can’t get anything in bulk here in Auckland, New Zealand!!!! I want things biiiiiig!

  2. says

    I almost bought that yogurt dip today! I got edamame hummus instead though. We have to go to Costco together one day- and while we’re there, we can complain about the lack of Vitatops :( I did notice gelato in their place though, so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much…

  3. says

    I eyed that yogurt dip for the longest time before finally getting it. I too thought the stats were better than hummus and that’s why I got it! It’s soooooo good. So so good.

  4. Susan says

    I can’t believe you think you need to lose 10 pounds. You look great!

    Also, love your blog. You’re one of the funny ones……and by funny, I mean, you make me laugh!

  5. says

    Stolen Cheetos? Stolen food tastes the best. And thank you so much for featuring me. See you at the FitFloggin! …wait, is that right?

  6. says

    I started blogging in January 2010 as a project to keep me busy and also a way to keep myself accountable for my fitness. Most I blog about running but you know other items always make their ways onto the blog! Love your blog! Keep up the fun work!

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