Carbs and Protein.

This afternoon I grabbed two random granola bars from my stash to snack on. I don’t think I was hungry as much as they tasted good. Oops.

I worked from 5 to 8pm today and decided to eat an early dinner and have a big snack after. I ate “dinner” at 4pm. Yes, I have plans to move to Miami soon and shack up with a few of my favorite ladies…

stay golden thumb Carbs and Protein.

My early bird special was an egg salad sandwich with veggies and yogurt dip. Better enjoy those carrots now – before I get my dentures put in!

IMG 0746 800x600 thumb Carbs and Protein.

This seedy whole grain bread is what dreams are made of…IMG 0748 800x600 thumb Carbs and Protein.

I came home hungry wanting to eat and decided to make a snacky meal of popcorn with a side of creepy face…IMG 0752 800x600 thumb Carbs and Protein.

and a big ol’ protein shake in a bowl. This is seriously one of my favorite things.IMG 0753 600x800 thumb Carbs and Protein.

Thank you all for your comments on my last post regarding liposuction. I thought this comment was powerful… image thumb7 Carbs and Protein.

Turns out Ben isn’t a fan of spending a ton of money sucking fat out of my butt, so he and I are both going to have to deal with what I’ve got. fat and squinty Carbs and Protein.

Don’t forget to go here and enter for a free box of Barney Butter individual packs!!! barney butter single packs thumb1 Carbs and Protein.

pin it button Carbs and Protein.


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      I totally saw that and what’s sad is that makes me want it more! I have never seriously considered it, and still am not. But I have bones sticking out in some places, that’d I’d love for the extra fat to show up!

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    All you need is a slice of cheesecake after your early bird dinner and you’d fit right in with those lovely ladies! LoL. Love that show by the way. :) Glad you are feeling better about the whole bikini thing. What a powerful quote!!!!!

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    how do you make your eggsalad? looks yummy! i’ve heard of versions using nayonaise, but i’m not sure i’d like it… <3


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      I just use light mayo (not fat free, it has a lot of sugar) salt and pepper. Sometimes I’ll use hummus, but really the calorie count is exactly the same.

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    MM I loves eggs for dinner..Lately all I want is something cold that smoothie looks good. Can’t wait to hear updates on your new hearing about other trainers experiences

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