Fine, I’ll Make Dinner

Truthfully, I love veggie burgers and frozen meals. But, I don’t think they make for the best blogging material. So, today I busted out an old recipe – Not Fancy Salmon PattiesIMG_0911 (800x533)

Anytime I make fish I create a make-shift tartar sauce to go with it. Today’s included yogurt sauce, diced pickles and ranch dressing. It worked. IMG_0907 (800x533)I canceled my running group because it was rainy all day. Then, it cleared up but it was too late to hold it after all. I took that as a sign to take a walk with Ben after dinner and call it exercise.

Now I’m enjoyed dessert – a big ol’ smoothie in a bowl with cereals on top. Added bonus – I found one last bag of chocolate granola in my fridge. I ate it.IMG_0914 (800x533)

I used this random tupperware because it had PB remnants in it from a recipe I’m working on. It’s like oats in a jar only “smoothie in a bowl with leftover PB”. Yeah, that doesn’t have the same ring to it…IMG_0915 (800x533)

I’m off to fight Ben for the remote (he refuses to let me watch anything good like the Biggest Loser or Real Housewives). Who’s your money on for the remote battle? Please note: I fight dirty. IMG_9357 (600x800)

See ya later Smile


  1. says

    my $’s always on the fighter with the longest nails. i’m assuming that’s you in this situation!
    i went the salmon patty route for dinner, too, except i went the lazy way & nuked it up! ah, i could blame studying but really i just didn’t feel like cooking. can’t win em all!

  2. says

    I usually make my hubby go to the basement when he wants to watch something I don’t. I tell him, he spent all that money creating his “man cave” now go use it! :)

  3. says

    Nice job on the meal, sounds yummy even at six in the morning. That tartar sauce is genius. :) No one gets in the way of me and Real Housewives…so I put my money on you.

  4. says

    My money is on you, girls fight dirty haha :)

    And I love frozen meals too, they are so convenient for my busy life! But I am trying to get away from them, it’s a work in progress.

  5. says

    My husband works nights so when he’s ever home early I don’t share the tv! I usually give in over the weekend since he let’s me sleep in all weekend =]

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