You Know You’re A Runner…


You know you’re a runner when you read the back of this van as “Ask for Gus” But picture Gus… Yeah, that happened to me today. I hit my work’s pot luck pretty hard because I have a race tomorrow. You know you’re a runner Monica when you use any excuse to carb load. Someone made pineapple upside down cake fresh out of the oven. It was warm. My heart melted. I’ve definitely … [Read more...]

Peanut Slaw Recipe


I had the Blogging 101 webinar today at 11am. So, that kept me busy until about 12pm when I remembered – there is a Potluck Meeting at work at 1pm! Great. Totally forgot. I quickly assessed the ingredients I had on hand and decided to make my favorite Asian Peanut Slaw. I think I ALWAYS have the ingredients on hand for this! Ingredients: coleslaw, TJ’s peanut dressing (or … [Read more...]

Marathon Week and Flapjack Friday


So, I ran a half marathon on Monday and I have another half marathon to run tomorrow. I’m not really good at math but by my calculations… 1 half marathon on Monday + 1 half marathon on Saturday = A whole marathon this week! I will take today as another rest day (I rested the day after the race as well) and just hope my legs don’t completely hate me tomorrow! I know some … [Read more...]