Run Eat Repeat Stickers Giveaway

Hi! As soon as I walked in the door from my morning shift I ripped into the Pirate’s Booty. I love the booty Winking smileIMG_4924 (800x600)

Following that appetizer, was lunch – an impromptu Chinese Chicken Salad. This is one of my favorites, not sure why I don’t make it everyday?homemade salad

With a side of berries – Blues and Cherries Smile IMG_4952 (800x533)

I got this box of cookies at a health food store last week and had one for dessert. Love love store cookies

Remember a while back I got bumper magnets made my Build A Sign? Here’s the link to that post – Run Eat Repeat Bumper Magnetsrun eat repeat bumper magnet

Well, I also have a stash of stickers to giveaway! They come in pinkIMG_4965 (800x600)

and green. (They do not however, come with the overly eager girl holding them. Lucky you.)IMG_4972 (800x600)

Leave a comment with your color preference and I’ll pick a bunch of winners tomorrow morning.


  1. Chelsea says

    Pink!!! Plus, when you come back to Florida and we meet to eat copious amounts of frozen yogurt you can spot me a mile away!!! :))

  2. Christina says

    I love your site and I honesly feel that this bumpersticker fits my life. Love the pink one, would match my breast cancer awareness ribbon like a charm!

  3. Alex says

    What an awesome bumper sticker!! I’d love a pink one, but would be just as happy with green! Thanks for offering such a fun giveaway midweek.

  4. Shanna says

    Pink pink pink! Ironically, I’m wearing a green Victoria’s Secret tshirt now that says “PINK love” on it really big. haha.

  5. Tasha Weiss says

    Well, I have officially spent about 10 minutes trying to decide pink or green…and I think I want pink…no wait green…no wait pink…green…pink.

    Ok…I definitely want PINK!

    Love your blog!

  6. Valerie says

    Pink!! I love it and it would be a great addition to the new car I have to buy in the next few weeks!!

  7. Lindsay@Brownies For Brunch says

    Ooohh pick me! Pick me! (In donkey from Shrek’s voice). I think a pink sticker would make my car bootyful!

  8. Rebecca says

    Green! It will match my husband’s green EXIT sign from Japan that has the same running dude on it.

  9. Elliott says

    I would totally sport a green sticker! I was also wishing nut butters weren’t so calorie dense as I ate PB out of the jar earlier. Pretty funny you were wishing the same thing!

  10. says

    I would love a pink one!! But I would take green if all the pink were gone.

    I’d also like some of that Pirate’s Booty included since I can’t get it here. Thanks. :)

  11. Lindsey says

    They are both great, but I am loving the green! I talk about your blog all the time, so having a bumper sticker would be fitting for me. :)

  12. Hilary says

    I love decorating my car with running stickers! Pink for sure. You’ll never see me wearing pink, but it’s such a fun color to surround myself with :)

  13. says

    you do realize that by using the word “booty” so much, you’re just increasing the random google searches that land on you! :)
    i like the pink bumper stickers! my school’s color is green & god forbid anyone think i’ve got spirit of any sort

  14. Malika says

    I don’t know why this is making me so giddy but.. PINK! PINK! I WANT A GGFLHSLKSJFGHI-ING PINK ONE!
    haha I Need a ‘run eat repeat’ sticker.. A pink one at that! thank you for the opportunity Monica!

  15. Dannielle says

    PINK! PINK! Pleaaaaaaaaaaase please please! I promise to stick it on my PINK lap top (which spends about 10 hours in the UNH library every day…) and everyone will see it, come to your blog, and be just as obsessed with it as I am! ( :

  16. says

    Aww…I love the green! Awesome stickers, by the way! I am a teacher, and post all of my running related stickers on my filing cabinet. The kids love it, and it’s fun to show them that it’s fun to be healthy.

  17. says

    These are so cute! I like the green ones. Your blog name is one of the few that I wouldn’t feel weird about representing. Some of my other favorite blogs just don’t have a name that people would “get” unless they read the blog.

  18. Rachael Ann says

    Green please! I’m trying to decorate an old steamer trunk and would love the sticker to add to my collection =]

  19. Alexandra says

    I need a pink one to promote RER in France. I love your blog sorry I don’t comment much it’s because I’m not so confident with my english but I’m a huge fan. Please continue to make us laugh 😉

  20. Karen says

    Would absolutely love a pink one if this is still open! You make me laugh and I check your blog multiple times a day. I’m not a stalker. Promise! :)

  21. maria says

    pink. or green! or preen! or gink! i just wanna rock the run eat repeat slogan because well, thats what i do, too ; )

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