Thank You Thursday–Monica Loves Coco

Hello, I had a packed morning schedule today and just got home in time for lunch and some quality blogging time.

I made Sunflower Butter & Jelly toast with an egg patty for breakfast. Don’t let the plate fool ya, I totally ate this in the car after this picture was taken.breakfast of people in a rushIt’s Thank You Thursday – a time when I get to thank all the cool stuff in my life.

Thank you I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, for tasting like butter despite your name… IMG_4970 (800x533)

Half of my breakfast bagel was a stevia and cinnamon side. It was warm and chewy and sweet and butter-y! IMG_4967 (800x533)

Thank you trash magazine for making my 20 minutes on the Stair machine turn into 30 because I need to know “who wore it best”. Spoiler alert: It’s always the skinnier person of the two.IMG_4990 (600x800)

Thank you world’s quickest lunch for getting in my belly before I turned into a raving beotch passed out. IMG_4992 (800x533)

Thank you Vitatop for everything.IMG_4998 (800x533)


Thank you Coco for reinforcing the theory that guys like an itty bitty waist and a round thing in their face.monica loves coco

Thank you Fitfluential for picking me to be a Fitfluential Ambassador! imageimage

This is a way bigger honor then the other organization that contacted me – “Bitchfluential”. - Thank you for not judging me out loud.

What/Who do you want to Thank today?


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    My amazing running partner and biking partners today! They were all amazing and just gave me a big ole smile on a kind of rough week! Congrats on fitfluential such a great honor!

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    I’m thankful that I have a job- I’m a teacher and so many teachers are without jobs right now! I’m also thankful, in advance, for getting over my cold before a mud run I’m doing Saturday…

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    I would like to thank E! for playing Sex in the City re-runs every night.

    Oh, and I would like to thank a few of my amazing friends for being so supportive in my recent move, especially this week as I’ve been a huge whiny baby about not having friends.

    Oh, and I want to thank whoever invented chocolate…

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    OMG … so true that the skinnier person always “wins” the who wore it best!!

    Thank you tired legs for carrying me over 4 miles today. I know it was a slow go, but you rocked it like a champ :-)

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    i saw you’re an ambassador! congrats!!!!

    thanks for today? listening to my counselor tell me i’m too hard on myself that that the marathon i ran is not something i should just be shrugging my shoulders over. :)

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    thank you paris hilton, your show is a weekly p.s.a. to stay in school.

    thank you asparagus, for making me feel the need to apologize after i go to the bathroom.

    thank you christina aguilera, for reminding us all that there is such thing as “too blonde”

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    Thank you to restaurant hummus for being the most satisfying food in the world.

    Oh… and a thank you, of course, goes out to the warm pita bread that housed my hummus for dinner.

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    I have totally noticed this (the fact that the skinnier woman always “wears it best”) too, but no one believed me! Thank you for validating my suspicions. :)

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