Ask A Monican #11 and Volume Needed

Here is Ask a Monican #11

Monica from Run Eat Repeat answers…
1. Why don’t you go to therapy? (Because I think you’re crazy)
2. What are you using to establish your weight goal?
3. How do you get motivated to run? (Now that I think about it, don’t think I gave any good advice on this, fail.)

Notes: My cat is cleaning himself in the background like a creeper. I need to cut my bangs, I know. I sway a lot at the end, often do.

I’m wearing my “Run Eat Repeat” shirt. You can get one at my T-shirt shop at my Spreadshirt shop Smile

I also added my new logo shirts to the store! image

Since yesterday’s lunch didn’t fill my belly up enough I made sure to have a big ol’ salad today. Unpictured: Pirate’s Booty, cherries, several sf butterscotch candies Winking smileIMG_5006 (800x533)

My afternoon appointment was cancelled so I have the entire afternoon to catch up on emails! I am still behind from our Florida vacation, so if you’re waiting on me to tell you the meaning of life via gmail – sorry, it’s coming.

the meaning of life(source)

If you have a question for this Monican – email me at runeatrepeat at gmail.


  1. says

    Pirates Booty is CRACK. I can’t have it in the house I eat the whole bag in one sitting. I am impressed yours is still left! I just ate a whole cheeseless pizza though so obviously I just eat a lot. Your lunch looks fantastic I must learn not to fear the salad.

  2. Ellie says

    I am a similar height/weight to you, and it made me feel really bad when you said that you consider yourself to be a bigger girl at your current weight; I don’t see myself (or you!) as big at all. When I was at your goal weight, I was a size 6 and considered myself to be slender – not “very large for most people.”

    • says

      I’m sorry if I made you feel bad :( I would never have said that if I realized it was going to hurt feelings. I’m currently a size 10/12, so we must have very different builds if you were a size 6. I’ve never been a 6.

      Sorry again. Hope that put it in perspective?

    • says

      Oh, and now that I’m re-reading this I need to clarify – I meant “bigger girl” as big boned – that’s how I consider myself NOT fat. I have size 10+ feet, massive hands, freakishly big head…it wasn’t a size thing as much as a bone thing.

  3. Jamie says

    I’m sorry, but I have to agree with Ellie. I am 5′ 2″ and I weigh around your goal weight. I wear a size 6 (I am pretty muscular) and people tell me all the time that I look really healthy and fit. I don’t think anyone would describe me as “very large” at all and you have four inches on me. I know that you probably didn’t mean that to be hurtful, but I think that the healthy weight range for your height is much higher than your current weight. I know for WW the healthy range for my height is 109-137… Something to think about.

  4. says

    I love what you say about therapy! It isn’t something that every one needs all the time! But with that said, I am super happy with therapy and my therapist right now (although I’m on a break from it while I travel for the summer) and it has been a great experience. I think that even people who aren’t anxious or depressed or struggling with body image issues can benefit from therapy at some point in their life! you talked about it quite eloquently.

  5. says

    I always think it’s such a shame when people give you a hard time about your feelings about your size/weight and your personal weight loss goals and compare their own size/weight to yours. Like Sana said, everyone has a different body type and we all carry our weight in different ways. 145 pounds looks SO DIFFERENT on different people! I am 5’4″ and weigh between 135 and 140 pounds and am SUPER happy at that weight, but for someone with a different body type than me, whose body carries weight differently, that might be really heavy for them. We have to remember that we are all different and that the number on the scale is JUST A NUMBER (and a kind of arbitrary one at that)! In short, you are awesome :)

    PS Your eye makeup looks gorgeous!

    • Ally says

      I’m with you Megan! Weight is so irrelevant sometimes… I am nearly the exact same size as you (stalked your blog, you’ve got a new reader:) and when people estimate my weight, they always are about 20 pounds under! I’ve actually gotten on a scale to “prove” how much I weigh. Then again, I was run over by a minivan and didn’t break any bones, so apparently I have some super dense bones… Not sure if that matters… On the flip side, when I was sick and weighed 104, which is allegedly healthy at our height, I looked emaciated. Either way, instead of feeling badly about yourself, embrace those differences that make you unique! I wear men’s hats on my HUGE head, and kids shoes on my tiny feet, and love both equally:)

  6. LisaM says

    Your makeup looks great! Method and products?

    Also, how did you like the cookies and cream arctic zero?

  7. says

    Umm, and just so everyone knows I’m not the Christine that said she needs to go to therapy 😉

    I’m pretty much exactly where you’re at height/weight/size/goal wise and it’s okay most days but sometimes a little frustrating. I don’t feel fat, but I know if I cleaned up my eating habits I could be 10 lbs lighter. It’s a limbo area…

  8. says

    i’m also a big proponent of therapy. it’s just, sometimes i feel like it doesn’t have to be with a “trained” therapist. therapy, for me, was finding someone i could trust that would give me unbiased, honest feedback. When I went to professional therapists I felt like I was just running through the motions and saying what they wanted to hear. When I found a true confidant, I finally was able to really get to the nitty gritty of what was going on. It wasn’t pretty & thank god for good friends because snotty-nosed crying sessions are not for the faint of heart!

  9. Jill says

    Loved the video, especially the last section. Perhaps a future blogging topic might talk about when you first started running, and how you grew to love it. Like someone else said, I’m still at the point where it hurts to run. After the first few minutes, I’m tired, done and ready to quit. Sheer willpower is what keeps me going. I’m keeping at it – 21 miles last week!

  10. says

    I RARELY watch videos on blogs because they are always so lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggg (and I have horrible internet connection), so this “vlog” was perfect!

    I am a recent subscriber to Google Reader, and I always save your blog and Skinny Runner’s for the LAST to read every day, ’cause I’m saving the best for last!

    (ok. that just sounds plain cheesey. but true) :)

  11. says

    You look so pretty in your video. Love the way you did your make-up.:) I agree that weight goal is totally individually and everyone should define their own based on their body type. We get brainwashed with media and celebrities who are all size 0, that’s not healthy and won’t work for everybody.

  12. Mary says

    I LOVE your eyebrows!!

    I also would like to say one of my sisters is my height (5’7), we have different body builds and different weights, but both live active and healthy lifestyles! I totally agree with you when you say it is all about what is healthy for the individual. You can’t compare!

  13. says

    Well, the video stops for me at 3:47!! ARGH! Right where you’re about to say “My goal weight is where most people start.” I feel that way, too. I just carry my weight differently than most people. I’m 5′-5″ and about 153, and it’s tough for me to get too much below 150. Note that at that weight, I’m a size 8 in pants and 14 in dresses, which wouldn’t change due to my abnormally large rib cage.

    I get what you’re saying about being “big”. Thanks for the latest episode!

  14. Christin says

    Thanks so much for your advice about running…totally NOT a fail!! It makes sense that I need to just keep at it and congratulate myself for the effort and be accepting of where my body is on that day…you are awesome and I appreciate you!! :)

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