French Toast Friday Strikes Again

Morning and Happy Friday wlEmoticon smile31 French Toast Friday Strikes Again I started my day with an easy 3 miler. No real reason for it, but my legs are tired today.

I wanted to do some abs this morning since I’ve been neglecting that for weeks, but didn’t have time. I’m rushing off to take my car in for some (expensive) repairs.

It’s French Toast Friday!

IMG 5002 800x533 thumb French Toast Friday Strikes Again

Did you have your French Toast (with Sunflower Butter and syrup) today?IMG 5003 800x533 thumb French Toast Friday Strikes Again

I lied about my Ask a Monican being done – You Tube keeps aborting the mission when it’s almost done wlEmoticon sadsmile3 French Toast Friday Strikes Again It will be up tonight. Promise.froghands French Toast Friday Strikes Again

Question: Do you do your dishes after each meal / time you dirty them?

I somehow manage to dirty 73 dishes at every meal and the sink piles up fast! I rarely  have time to do breakfast dishes, but try to do dinner ones.


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    I have to at least rinse and then put them in the dishwasher if it is dirty. One of my biggest pet peeves is when my husband lets something sit and then it have to SCRAPE the hardened stuff off.

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    Two things, YouTube is a man (aborting the mission! LOL) and I am feeling ya on the car repairs, I just had to get a new tire because I had TWO roofing nails in one tire. Thanks to my neighbors reroofing! Awesome!

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    So one time you created stuffed French-toast using your cupcake pan, so I tried the same thing. I had extra pumpkin, so I threw it into the batter, along with nutmeg. I had a ton of batter left, so I poured it on top of the F.T. and it baked into an awesome custard. It’s one of my favorite treats, now.

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    i’m a big time freak and can’t enjoy my meal unless the dishes are done. this often means that i have to nuke my meal to re-warm it because i’m also a big time slow dishwasher.

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