Last Fun Run

This morning I looked over my Marathon Training calendar and was on the fence about today’s run. It was either my last “fun run” as in, not a training run OR it could count as my first training run. I decided it would be my last fun run and had cereal instead of PB toast before it.IMG_5018 (800x533)

Well, good thing this wasn’t a training run because I totally crashed and burned. I cut my planned 10 miles to 8 with a lot of walking breaks. Today was not my day, but Monday will be.

When I got back I was probably super dehydrated, but felt hungry. I chomped on the last of our my cherries while making breakfast #2.IMG_5023 (800x533)

This Amy’s Tofu Scramble meal was part of my frozen food aisle jackpot earlier this week!IMG_5027 (800x533)

I plated it and served the meal up with sliced tomatoes and a tortilla (unpictured).IMG_5028 (800x533)

Plating a frozen meal does wonders for how it tastes, don’t ya think Winking smileIMG_5029 (800x533)

Then, I ran errands which included getting one of those reusable Starbucks cups. My smoothies don’t fit in anything I have!new cup

I tested it out with some Diet Dr. Pepper. It works.

IMG_0140 (600x800)

Now I’m baking and throwing together a salad for a family BBQ. !

Question: Do you say “cook out”, “BBQ”, “grill” or other?

I say Barbecue.


  1. says

    That is my favorite smoothie/iced coffee cup! I couldn’t find anything else big enough to fit those drinks! I love mine and sure you will too :)

  2. says

    i usually say “other” but then no one knows what i’m talking about. i’m going to an other today, too! 😉
    i need one of the starbucks cups! or a big gulp. my smoothies are bordering on massive. my cup runneth over. hehe

  3. says

    I think I say all three. It depends on what I feel like that day. But I also think a “cook out” is more of an event that just fixing a meal. Also I wish 8 miles was a fun run for me! A fun run for me is more like .8! 😉

  4. Shelley says

    That cup is huge, that would totally fit my smoothie though, usually i need to fill 2 glasses :) And i love that spotty plate it’s super cute!

  5. says

    I call it a Barbeque, as in… you can attend or throw a barbeque. You grill on a barbeque at the barbeque. I would not know what to expect if someone invited me to a “cook out”. Maybe an actual fire pit that they cooked on? Definitely something that doesn’t involve a barbeque… because then it would be called a barbeque, ya know?

  6. says

    Monica, I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE your blog- I love seeing your running, your food, everything, I could read it for hours! It is so motivating and I love it!

  7. says

    Always barbecue, totally said out. Never condensed to BBQ. But I don’t really enjoy going to them because I always end up only being able to eat whatever I brought. Food intolerances do not equal fun!

    But I have to admit that one of the best parts of getting a frozen dinner is eating it out of the little carton it came in 😉

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