4 Miles and Something in My Foot

This morning I had “cardio of my choice” to do for my training program. My choice is running SmileIMG_0292 (800x600)

I did 4 easy miles in 35:47 – 8:56 average pace.IMG_0294 (800x600)

So, my miles were easy, but taking a picture of my foot was not.IMG_0296 (600x800)

See, that blurry dot? I feel like I stepped on something, but it’s kinda under my skin. Will my body just dissolve it or do I need to go to the doctor?

Yes. That’s a serious question. Please advise.

Vegas ate my flowers for his breakfast…IMG_0298 (600x800)

I’m not sure if he loves them or hates them, but he keeps biting at it?!IMG_0300 (800x600)

I try to keep my diet “flower-free” so I had waffles and eggs.IMG_5168 (800x533)

I finally bought soy milk to go in my iced coffee! I’ve mentioned it before but almond milk always curdles in my IC. But, I had a life time supply of almond milk from Costco to finish before I could enjoy curdle free iced coffee again. The time is now.IMG_5173 (533x800)

This weekend at the Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth the winner thought he crossed the finish line, but it was really just a timing mat! He almost lost 1st place…image

Good thing I’ll never win a race because when I stop, I stop.


  1. Hannah says

    Your body (foot) will most likely reject the random foreign object inside it… but you could try soaking it in some warm water (plain or with epsom salts) to coax it out… hope that helps!

  2. says

    Almond milk always curdles in my ice coffee too. why is that? i recently got a giant splinter in my foot. it was horribly painful but i couldn’t get it out. y mom found a recipe online for making a paste out of baking soda and peroxide. i dut it on the spot, covered it with a bandaid and left it over night. in the morning it came right out. maybe you could try that for whatever is in your foot?

  3. Melissa says

    I’m trying to find the post where you explain how to make an egg patty but I can’t find it. Do you mind providing the link or leaving the how-to’s here in the comments? thanks!!

  4. says

    Clean the foot and the tweezers and pry that guy outta there… careful not to dig too much because it’ll cause more inflammation and the foreign body will become more deeply lodged into your foot.

  5. Emily says

    I make iced coffee every morining with an almond milk/protein mix as my creamer and I’ve never had it curdle. I thought maybe it was a brand thing or a shelf stable vs. refrigerator thing, but I’ve tried it with all kinds and still no issues. I do, however, put ice in my glass, pour the almond milk/protein mix over the ice, pour hot coffee over the top, then mix. Maybe the hot coffee is the trick? I realize that this melts the ice and thus waters down the coffee, but it tastes fine to me and I’m not a fan of super strong coffee anyway.

  6. sammy says

    the thing on your foot sounds like a plantar wart. it usually feels like you have a pebble in your sock but then it looks like something is under your skin. might need to see a doc to get rid of it.

  7. Dynamics says

    Soak your foot and it might fall out. If not, carefully pull it out with a tweezers. This is a great job for the hubby. Sometimes, what is that stuff that bubbles… hmmm. Anyway, it you know what I am talking about. I have had success at it bubbling out the foreign object.

      • says

        that hydrogen peroxide is good for wounds is an old wive’s tale. it’s fine for unbroken skin. but the bubbling you see with an open wound is a reaction that your cells have to the peroxide, because if they don’t neutralize it, it kills them.
        a lot of times foreign objects will end up closer to your skin’s surface as your skin sheds and grows. so hopefully you’ll be able to get it out. but i’d go to a doctor if it hasn’t changed in a few days.

  8. says

    You are fast, girl! I love TJ’s unsweetened soy milk, so tasty! I use it pretty much every morning in my cereal. Speaking of running pain, I’m a fairly new runner and have been running longer and faster in the last couple of month. I just ran a 9M race at 8 miles/min and I noticed I got small light bruises on my calves and outer thighs where the IT band is super tight. Is this normal? Do you ever get this or do I need to see a dr as well?

  9. Toni says

    Yep, looks like a plantar wart to me too. They may have drugstore remedies now, but when I had one I had a derm freeze it off. Didn’t hurt.

  10. says

    Grandma’s finish WAS confusing – the timing mat should be AT the finish line, in my opinion. I knew the race was close, but I hadn’t read that that was why it was SO close (I think it was their closest finish on record).

  11. Lauren says

    Ohmigosh, go to the doctor asap. My bf had the exact same thing happen and he ran on it for over a week. It ended up being a staph infection that he picked up in the shower at the gym and since he didn’t get it treated, they had to cut it out. Disgusting.

  12. JD says

    I had a piece of glass in my foot (which I thought was a splinter) from a glass my daughter dropped. I thought I’d gotten it out with tweezers and that it was just sore.

    I wore a band aid for a couple of days and forgot about it. About two weeks later, it hurt again. When I looked, the embedded piece of glass had worked itself to the surface and I pulled it out with tweezers.

    If it’s not a wart, keep an eye on it.

  13. lauren says

    Our cats must be related. Mine, Tigger, is the same color, but with light stripes and bigger ears (he’s likely part Siamese).
    He eats roses, basil, and pretty much any plant we bring inside. I can’t get any house plants because they are all poisonous! Sometimes he is nice and will wait a day or two to start on the flowers, but last week he made a whole “bouquet” of basil wilt within 2 hours. I don’t know what he does to it, but I was grossed out!

  14. says

    Ewww you have a wart! I’m kidding I have no idea what’s wrong with your foot. I was just going to say my cat eats flowers too but she really likes long leaves that sometimes come in flower arrangements. She is picky like that!

  15. says

    I ran an 8k last year and totally stopped before the finishline because I thought it was the end. I didn’t start running again..hahaha, just walked across the finish line. Why do they put the timing mat before the finish? Not good, not good. I say pick it out that thing in your foot. Might hurt but better out than in :)

  16. says

    so weird, my cat would eat flowers too! I looked it up and apparently some cats like babies breadth…hopefully it’s edible. No one likes kitty surprises!! haha

  17. says

    My cats only like tulips. One pushes his face into the center until all the petals fall off. Then again they also go crazy for baby carrots. So weird.
    I think you should be fine without a trip to the doctor. You may have actually stepped on something or had a shoe rub up against it. Plantar warts usually have a black dot in the center (I got one when I was a lifeguard in high school) and I can’t tell from the picture, but it doesn’t look like yours does. Just keep an eye on it and if it gets worse, then I’d go to the doctor. Otherwise, no worries.

  18. Summer T says

    Just finished a 4 miler solo (the farthest in a long time, yeah I have lots of catching up to do) in 39 minutes and I felt like my lungs were bleeding, your easy pace would be my PR!!!!! I have to tell you, since I have started reading your blog, I look at running differently. I NEVER run alone, but today I just felt the need, the need for speed and took off….thanks!!!!!

  19. says

    Oh, how embarrasing for the runner! Well, I guess when you’re the fastest runner you don’t see people running past you and then you know you haven’t crossed the finish yet.

  20. says

    Seriously, what is it about almond milk in iced coffee?? The coffee totally rejects it and spits it back at me in chunks. Hate that.

  21. says

    Oh no! I hope your foot heals.
    Also, I’ve heard that baby’s breath is poisonous for cats to eat? Our cats (2 brothers, Scraps and Hi-Hat) will eat any flower or houseplant around, so we try and avoid the ones that might be pukey. We call it “cats eating salad” (they obviously wanna be like their mom).

  22. Hannah says

    I love using almond milk in my iced coffees, it doesnt curdle for me, I use the silk almond milk. First I add some instant coffee to about 1/4 cup of cold water and stir then if I get adventurous I add some nesquick :) Finally I add the almond milk and it marbles and looks really pretty until i stir it

    • says

      apparently it has something to do with the acidity of the coffee. watch out for your soy milk curdling as well if its a problem. yuck.
      Perhaps try getting some lower acidity coffees. This is probably why I’ve never had a problem. I don’t like the really acidic ones.

  23. gina says

    Planters wart. Try covering it with duct tape for 2 weeks (change as needed). If that doesn’t work, you have to burn it off at the doctors. They hurt!

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