Things I Love Thursday and Peanut Sauce

Hello, how’s your day? I thought I’d share The Things I’m loving this lovely Thursday…

1. Limeades from Sonic (because I’ve officially decided they do not count as soda).IMG_0307 (600x800)

2. Sugar free butterscotch. Ben and I are both addicted and going through these bags at an alarming rate.werthers sugar free

3. Big ol’ salads. I call this one – “veggie burger, deconstructed”. (Then, I follow the salad with 2 Vitatops covered in PB. It’s been that week.)huge veggie burger salad

Actually, this hits a little too close to home after all those Vitatops…IMG_0279 (800x600)

4. This cartoon sent to me by reader Liz. She sees chubby cats and thinks of me. Hope this isn’t a hint about trimming my bikini area…lol cat of monica

5. Peanut Sauce! I always love peanut sauce, but go through it too fast – so I made my own yesterday.peanut sauce tofu

Ingredients: 1/3c Peanut flour, 1/4c soy sauce, Sriacha, 1/4c agave and water to thin. Mix. Pour on everything. Eat. Make more. tjs peanut flour

IMG_5162 (533x800)

I mixed it in a mug, but didn’t drink it straight. (Not that I’m above that.)IMG_5147 (800x533)

I used my first batch of peanut sauce in a tofu stir fry.tofu stirfryIMG_5157 (800x533)

6. Finally, I love that so many of you wanted a Run Eat Repeat bumper sticker. I sent out the winner’s today and will let you know when you can buy one soon Smile rer bumper sticker


  1. says

    For some reason, my peanut sauce never really turns out when I use peanut flour. It always tastes chalky to me. Am I not mixing it enough perhaps?

  2. says

    ahh i want peanut flour so bad! why did TJ’s discontinue right when i moved next to one! boo! p.s. love peanut sauce!!

  3. says

    I love peanut sauce!!! In Holland it is called Sate Sauce (they stole it from the Indonesians I think) AND you can get it in fast food restaurants to eat with french fries. It tastes like heaven.
    I’ll have to try your recipe since I am usually lazy and just mix pb, hot sauce, and soy. No wonder it never turns out right 😛

  4. Angie says

    Thank you for introducing me to TJ’s peanut sauce. I ran out the other day and have yet to make it back to stock up…or maybe I will try making my own also. Have you ever used it as a marinade?

  5. says

    YAY – i finally get to comment! For some reason I can usually only read your blog in my Google Reader and therefore can’t comment which is a shame because you always make me literally laugh out loud (awkward at work).

    PS. I’m running the RnR Vegas half as well! It’ll actually only be my second one ever (my first will be RnR Savannah), and it’s my hometown so should be a good time.

  6. says

    I love the cherry limeade mostly because it comes with a cherry and lime wedges. And Sonic’s ice cubes???? They’re fantastic. I could nosh on those all day

  7. says

    HA! You made me Laugh Out Loud at your interpretation of me thinking of you with that photo. Though for the record I’m sure your bikini line is at least a little more under control than Mr. Chub (I have named him, and also deemed him a him despite the bikini).

  8. says

    That poor cat!!!!! What would PETA say? Is it animal cruelty to put a ginger in orange? I am a ginger so I feel I have the right to bring the focus back to a cause that should be on our minds ethical treatmemt of gingers or ETOG.
    I went a little overboard there didn’t I? 😉

  9. Sonja says

    Ok, I have never had a limeade… I think it’s time! Also… watch out for those sugar free candies. I was majorly addicted and had HORRIBLE gastrointestinal issues… like the worst bloating and gas you can imagine. When I finally connected the dots between my stomach pain and the artificial sweeteners in the Werther’s, I had to cut myself off cold turkey. Too sad that something so tasty can be so bad for your tummy!

  10. says

    I’ve never had this limeade concoction at this supposed Sonic. Then I discovered it’s because there aren’t any anywhere near me! It should be a law that you can’t make anything super tasty unless you can afford to put one near everyone nationwide!

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