Sam Woo Restaurant in Irvine


Roxy is back from her makeover! Before: “Don’t ever change!” After: “I feel so naked!” But, I don’t get why they leave that shaggy tail on dogs for a “summer cut”?! How is a hairy butt “summer-y”? Today was gorgeous so I watched my little brother Matt swim while I blogged. You know how in some places it’s too hot, humid and full of bugs to just chill outside? Because … [Read more...]

My Clean Condo Tour


I am a mess. Okay, not just that – I’m messy too. So, I’m very proud that I cleaned the house instead of going to yoga today. Normally it looks like an episode of Hoarders (just don’t open the closets!). I thought it was sad that Ben and I have lived in this condo for almost one year and we don’t have any pictures up. So, I bought this inspirational canvas the other day … [Read more...]

Finger Licking Good Friday


And by finger, I mean plate… I was supposed to go to yoga today, but Ben’s friends are staying with us this weekend, (they’re in town for the wedding we’re going to tomorrow) and I don’t want them to know we live in shambles. So, I need to clean the house before hitting up my To-Do List. Ben and I took a short walk to discuss this weekend’s agenda. It’s kinda crazy. Ben hit … [Read more...]