Mexican Meatless Monday–Easy Enchiladas

Mexican Meatless Monday is back! I’ve been neglecting it because now that I live in Orange County I’m trying to keep my Mexican-ness on the down low. (source)super cheesey cartoon, sorry

Remember when I dyed my hair blonde? Talk about a FAIL Sad smile Someone should have told me looking albino isn’t my thing…albino alligato

Not really. California is basically Mexico and I’m loud and proud about it. You should have seen me requesting Volver from the Mariachis yesterday…IMG_5492

Tonight I made super easy enchiladas stuffed with onions, beans, mushrooms and cheese.easy enchilada recipe

Ingredients: IMG_5374 (800x600)

The key to making a vegetarian dish “meaty” without adding fake meat is mushrooms. They have such a good bite!IMG_5375 (600x800)

Step 1: Cook onions, mushrooms, garlic (optional) through. Add can of refried beans, season to taste.

Step 2: Set up your enchilada rolling station. IMG_5379 (800x600)

Don’t use the tortilla with a hole… IMG_5383 (800x600)

Step 3: Spread 1/6 of filling onto tortilla. enchilada stuffing

Add cheese.IMG_5392 (800x600)


Recognize that there’s blood on your tortilla. Inspect.IMG_5388 (800x600)

F. You are bleeding. Way to go genius.

Get band aide. Finish rolling enchiladas. IMG_5390 (800x600)

(I slammed my finger earlier and when I hit it again while cooking thought it was just hurting because of that. Don’t worry the bloody enchilada was already mine because I use different tortillas for Ben and myself.)

Step 4: Top with Trader Joe’s green salsa. IMG_5396 (800x600)

Step 4 1/2: Drink the rest of it.IMG_5406 (800x600)

Step 5: Top with cheese and bake until melted/heated through.IMG_5401 (800x600)

Eat!meatless monday enchiladas

Happy Meatless Monday Smile


  1. says

    I’m embarrassed to report how many times I’ve smeared blood on whatever I was cooking. It’s usually because I slice my hand open cutting veggies and think it’s no big deal, until there is blood running down my hand. They should make veggie cutting gloves that are knife proof.

  2. says

    YES. I made these last time you posted a little how-to on enchiladas and they were amazeballs. I stuffed them with black beans and spinach. SO GOOD. I am obsessed with that TJ’s green salsa.

  3. says

    Those look delicious! I just moved to an area were there is a TJ, and I LOVE it! I love to see what other people get there because I don’t know what is good!

  4. Jolene says

    We had taco salads tonight with our fav. salsa verde…must have been in the air! I have to say though the whole blood thing made me queasy…and I’m not normally a queasy-type person when it comes to blood….~shudder~ I’ll be in the bathroom……looking green…like the salsa verde….

  5. Ida says

    I am addicted to TJ’s peach salsa, but I have yet to try the green. Cooking is a contact sport for me too.

  6. says

    I listened to a Mexican guest speaker yesterday in one of my classes and he discussed cooking a little and I immediately left and went to get some Mexican food…reason #998 why I am a fat girl (on the inside at least)!!! Yay! Mexican Monday for me!!!

  7. Jill says

    I want enchiladas, NOW!!! Those looked so good. I have to get me some of that delicious looking green salsa on my next trip to TJ’s.

  8. says

    You are SO funny with your bloody tortilla and salsa drinking! These are the kind of posts that I wish more bloggers would do, where you’re still sharing an awesome and easy recipe but allowing your personality to shine through or in this case, be smeared on the actual food :-)

  9. Christin says

    Wow, you literally put your blood sweat and tears into that meal! And then you drank your salsa verde (which, btw I love that TJ’s salsa, it is bomb) which is even more awesome. The only thing more awesome would have been if you mixed in a shot of Patron lol

  10. says

    Looks delicious! Although I can’t stand mushrooms. They make things taste meaty. There’s a reason I don’t eat meat, blech! 😉 My husband loves them though, so they definitely are the key to making him a yummy veggie recipe.

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