Mexican Chicken Salad

This afternoon I had 45 minutes to get home, make lunch, eat, check email and get back out the door. I didn’t realize I had such a short break or I would have planned better!

I felt like my day was lacking protein so I made a quick chicken salad. Only instead of mayo, I used salsa. Add some black beans and get a Mexican girl to mix it around and you’ve got yourself a Mexican Chicken Salad!IMG_6002 (800x600)See how that works? Winking smileIMG_6008 (800x600)

I also added a ton of onions because I enjoy having offensive breath.

Throw it on a salad and Bob’s Chewy’s your uncle.IMG_6007 (800x600)

Then, I went to work. My schedule today was crazy back to back appointments.

On my second break I stopped at Trader Joe’s for some non-essentials. Read: soda.IMG_6011 (600x800)

But Monica, didn’t you read that article about how diet soda makes you more prone to obesity?


Then, why are you still drinking it?!

Because this is America.

Okay, not really. I’ve decided 2 diet sodas a week is fair. Everything in moderation even meth.IMG_6013 (600x800)

Giving up diet soda is just like anything else you’re trying to change in your diet – progress not perfection. I’m making little changes that are realistic.

As soon as I came home I dropped the other half of the Think Thin bar I was munching (no bueno) and make a Protein Cake in a Mug – topped with Pumpkin Crème. protien cake in a mug

It looks tragic, but is amazing. IMG_6016 (600x800)

See ya later Smile


  1. says

    Love the idea to use salsa in your chicken salad. Smart smart lady…

    …and I have got to make that cake in a mug gluten free and STAT. Can you use any flour or is the pastry flour that does it? That is so rockin’ – you should cover it in awesomesauce next time.

  2. Pamela says

    You just completely solved the conundrum of what to do with all my holiday leftovers. No joke. I have chicken, bean dip, salsa, corn, spinach, and tortilla chips. Hello taco salad! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. says

    Hahahaha- you’re section on diet soda is hilarious. I’m pretty bad about drinking it and tell people there are much worse vices out there (like meth, now that you mention it).

  4. says

    So the thing I’m most excited about going to California other than hanging in Newport for my friend’s wedding, is shopping at Trader Joes. Stop making me home sick! No, wait, I like it, keep doing it. Faster.

  5. says

    I love that diet soda brand! I try not to drink soda so much too so I do seltzer with a splash of cranberry. Satisfies the urge but I still totally indulge in my beloved Diet Coke.

  6. says

    “even meth” LMAO!

    So I have to ask, how you feel about your personal training gig? Do you feel it was the best decision given your previous body image issues? I always think how fun! But then I am afraid it would fuel my poor body image and inappropriate focus on those issues. I also think it would just be a blast to work out with people all day long!

  7. says

    It took me sooooooo long to fend off soda! I only have it on the most special occasions nowadays (and at those times I’ll sometimes choose a beer or wine, so sometimes not even then!). At some point it just hit me that I could be consuming more nutrient filled beverages, or at least beverages that weren’t going to have adverse effects on my health and weight, and I just… stopped. After years and years of 3 sodas a day. yikes.

    Anyway, 2 per week is well on your way to quitting the beast! Good luck :)

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