Tiny Pinata


It’s my brother Michael’s birthday! Happy Birthday Michael!!! He requested ribs for his birthday dinner and Ben was in charge of ordering. He made sure to get me an extra big salad to go along with all the other food we had. We did family style and I got some of everything. Ben is nice to me. I really have no idea why. Michael requested cheesecake for his birthday and since … [Read more...]

Cherreroni Yogurt Pizza


Hello and Happy Sunday! As you might have figured out, I love cherries and recently heard about a Whole Foods recipe contest using them! I’m totally on board with this (as long as I don’t eat them all first). The recipe is supposed to be kid friendly so I immediately brainstormed a pizza, but cherries instead of pepperoni – hence the name “Cherreroni” Pizzas.  Cherreroni … [Read more...]