Tastes Like Chicken and Zumba Sign Up

Ben came home for lunch today since I don’t have any clients until the evening. We use to do this all the time, but since I started my new life I’ve been working too close to lunch time to make it happen.IMG_6341 (800x533)

Vegas decided to join us as well Winking smileIMG_6343 (800x533)

I picked up these new-to-me veggie chick’n patties on clearance the other day…IMG_6350 (800x533)

…and chopped them up to go on a salad. I ended up using 2 patties since they were so good! IMG_6340 (800x533)


I eat a lot of hamburger style veggie burgers because they are sold at Costco, but I 100% prefer chicken style ones. I’ve never been a fan of red meat – even fake red meat. This tastes like chicken Winking smileIMG_6339 (800x533)


Last night I had a half hour to kill before my client. It just so happened that there was a Zumba class going on so I snuck in the back. I was sad to only have half the class Sad smile I really do love it and have decided to get Zumba certified!image

Growing up I did ballet folklorico and dance and cheerleading from the time I was 2 years old through high school. Given my background, Mexican-ness and love of bright colors I’m super excited to take the course at the end of August!!!monica mexican dancing

I feel like this is a bit sudden and I want to take a ton more classes before I transition into teaching, but I didn’t want to wait around to make this happen so I signed up as soon as I knew it’s what I wanted Smile

Okay, I really should go clean out my fridge before the delivery guy comes…IMG_6349 (533x800)

Anyone want to come help? I’ll pay you in room temperature wilted lettuce…


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    I think you’ll make a great Zumba instructor. Despite the fact that I never take Zumba, because my gift to humanity is to NEVER dance in public, I’d totally take your class.

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    Your man is looking slimmer! You said he is eating healthier right!? I love Zumba – so fun and it’s a good workout without really feeling like a workout at all!

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    I clicked your “new life” link, and as a new reader, I’m curious as to what you used to do? I am looking into getting my personal training certificate and running around asking a million questions to anyone who’s certified, so I apologize! Lol What are your thoughts about transitioning from your other job? Do you have more time for your blog now or less?

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      I went to school to be a reporter. Last year I got a journalism job and was writing from Maryland. Then, I got laid off and I was lost. I followed my heart to personal training :)
      The amount of time I’m working is less, but I am always going back and forth to the gym so it feels more hectic.

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        Rosie Perez. Again, I assume that I am the only important commenter and you therfore always remember what I have said in the past. The post where you said you may have to get the cargo pants zumba?… I said not to cause I imagine it would cause you to start chicken necking, finger waving and generally acting like Rosie Perez from White Men Can’t Jump. Of course this probably isn’t nearly as funny as it was to me the first time I wrote it. 😉

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    That is awesome that you want to get certified in zumba!!! That is like me with RPM. Out of no where, I just started doing it and absolutely loving it and now I’m getting certified next month. It’s an addiction I think. 😉

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    Yay! That’s awesome that you’re getting certified! I have a friend that got certified and she said it’s a ton of fun to just take the course!

    (Please come teach in Boston so I can start going again? :))

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    Is that the stage at Knott’s by the log ride? I did ballet folkórico as a kid/pre-teen too and we danced at Knott’s a few times. It was nice to get in to the park free.

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    Oh boy I LOVE those Health is Wealth Chkn Patties! I put them on salad all the time… you will become addicted! the chkn nuggets are really good as well. The patties are awesome in buffalo wraps… I usually make them on sandwich thins with some kind of lightish mayo and iceberg lettuce… reminds me of theose scary chicken patty sandwiches they used to (still?) serve at school… but these are so so good!

    Awesome you’re going to get certified to become a Zumba instructor! I have yet to take a Zumba class but have really been wanting to… I’ve heard it’s really fun and a great workout! I’ve just been really consumed with running…. though it’s so crazy hot out my running schedule has been warped and i need to get in the gym I think!

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