Confession Thursday: Cool Down

Today is a “rest” day for Marathon Training (read: No Run) and I intended to go to the gym, but really didn’t want to. I mean, I’m there enough for work! I decided not to make myself go in for strength.

So, instead I did Jillian’s 30 Day Shred and called it a day.

Confession #1: I never do the “cool down” portion of any work out. I often walk out of group fitness classes during cool down. I’m cool enough, thanks. IMG_6506 (800x600)

Zensah recently sent me a running bra to try! I chose pink because I’d like to think that I’m a lady. Confession #2: I’m not.IMG_6496 (800x600)

Since I didn’t have a run today the jury is still out on how it’ll hold up to my massive amounts of sweat. But, I do love the textured strap and back area. It’s super comfy too.IMG_6498 (600x800)

Confession #3: “Clean living room” has been on my To Do List for a few weeks now… Notice the background. Not clean.IMG_6513 (800x600)

Fitness Fashion Tip: Never wear matching clothes. This way people are so distracted by your poor choice in sportswear they don’t judge your sleepy face, bed head or smelly body.IMG_6514 (800x600)

Confession #4: In between each circuit of Shred I went to the kitchen for a handful of cereal. So it took me forever to decide on breakfast. I finally decided on waffles and eggs after staring into the fridge forever.IMG_6509 (800x600)

Confession #5: I really do live my life like my body now may be “as good as it gets”. I’m happy while still working towards getting better Smile

I wore a bikini and no cover up at Marco Island last month.

I am not waiting to do x,y or z until I get to a certain goal. underwater pictures

That being said, I had a little break down recently that it’s kinda sad that I have to work so hard for things that come naturally for others.

Confession #6: I play favorites.

Confession #7:If I could do it all over again, I would. And I think I’d make all the same mistakes…

Confession #8: I don’t make myself do anything I don’t want to do.

Confession #9: It kills me not to know my favorite Zumba instructor’s nationality, but I think it’s rude to ask.

Confession #10: Ben wants a baby and I don’t, so I’m considering buying him one on the black market. But, he can barely take care of Vegas so it might end badly. I’ll let you know.

Got anything to confess?


  1. says

    True story: When I do Bob Harper’s yoga for warriors, EVERY TIME, I skip out on the corpse deal, even though he says, “This is the most important part of your workout…of your day.” Nope. The most important part was a tossup between those push ups and crescent pose, but this isn’t it, Bob Harper.

    • Jen G. says

      I do yoga FOR the corpse pose. For 45 minutes of the actual work-out, I keep telling myself, “But at the end of this, you get to lay on your back and do nothing for three minutes and still consider it ‘working out.'”

  2. says

    These posts always make me laugh my face off. I say talk to your Zumba instructor after class and be like “Oh man, that class was totally different from how they teach it in my native homeland of _________. Where did you learn to shake your booty like that…in YOUR native homeland of…I’m sorry, I forget where you said you’re from?” But also I can be kind of rude, so maybe that’s still not tactful.

    I confess that I just ate an unwashed apple. And that I pretty much never wash my produce because I’m disgusting. I like fruit germs I guess…and other food shopper germs…

  3. says

    Re: Confession #5 – Girl you look great and you should have no shame in showing off! I really admire that you embrace the way you look now, but still work toward additional goals!

  4. Melodie says

    You look amazing in a bikini! You in no way need a cover up :) But, I know how you feel. I just went to Target to buy shorts and actually WEAR them for the first time in 12 years :/ Pretty sad, huh?

    • maryann says

      I just bought shorts for the first time since I was a junior in HS!! (circa 2004). Youre not alone sister! I just need to get the courage to get a bathing suit too…

      • Melodie says

        I wore them tonight to my son’s football practice :) Maryann, you can totally wear a bathing suit :) I have not had a choice with that one since I have 2 boys… which makes it strange that I have not worn shorts :)

  5. says

    I know we all have our flaws but seriously YOU LOOK GREAT! You run way better than me so clearly you don’t get the slowest person on the planet award as well!

    My Confession: I really need to hash our my body/eating/self-esteem issues! I am going through a rough patch right now as well!

    Just say, “I don’t mean to be rude but I’m curious as to what your nationality is.” You can also bring up how people don’t realize your Mexican because you’re a redhead etc. I think that’s the perfect way to say you understand the confusion can be frustrating if she seems offended or put off by your question!

  6. Christin says

    Confession #1: I name the spiders I find in my house before I either squish them or bring them outside in a cup (depending on my mood and how scary they look).

    Confession #2: I had ice cream, dry cheeorios, and chocolate chips for dinner the other night when my husband was at work…(so embarrasing!)

    Confession #3: I totally identify with your confessions 3,5,6, and 10.

    PS. Love your fashion advice…I totally do that too! :)

  7. says

    Hah I second you on not matching the clothes!
    Confession: Getting out of bed doesn’t happen until this 16oz mug of coffee is finished…even if it takes 2-3 hours

  8. says

    I can totally relate to #5. I’m definitely in the best shape of my life, but I still won’t do the bikini thing. You look amazing and you should most definitely flaunt it.

  9. says

    Monica- I love reading your posts during the work day… you always bring a smile to my face! You are real, witty and super funny girl!

    I never do the cool downs either… Though I feel like I get rude stares when I just wrap it up and leave after a work out… the leaving part is cooling down, no?

    Confessions :

    Though my boss is the nicest man alive every day he is not in the office I consider ‘free’ days. I have a lot of free days. I don’t exactly know what that means but the sound of it makes me feel way less stressed.

    I totally do squats in the back office during the work day because I am convinced I will get blood clots from sitting at a desk all day.

    I had a mini breakdown last night trying to convince my boyfriend that dancing is cool and is an awesome workout.

  10. says

    Get him one of those robo-babies. That will scare him off right quick. Also, I don’t make myself do anything I don’t want to do, problem is I don’t want to do very much. Like I don’t want to stay at work for the next 3 hours…. so I won’t.

  11. Kristen says

    If Ben wants babies, I have two toddler boys. Take them please!! Ahahaha, they’re turning me into Joan Crawford =[

  12. monica says

    :) I came across your blog by accident and I love it. You are hysterical:) You are real and I think that’s so cool!

    Nice to meet ya!

  13. Liz says

    I couldn’t agree more with you statement about how frustrating it is that we have to work so hard for things that come naturally for others. I wish I could eat DQ blizzards on a weekly basis and still be super thin, but it doesn’t work that way. Life’s not fair. But, we gotta love ourselves for who we are… no matter how hard that is somedays.

    I really appreciate your honesty :)

  14. Angie says

    RE: Baby confession… I have two kids who I love with all of my heart and wanted dearly. That said, having kids kicks my ass EVERY SINGLE DAY (they are 8 and 6 now… almost 9 and 7). If I did not want them 110%, I could never do this. I think it’s smart to be honest and say I’m not ready yet. It took me a while to be ready, but I got there. I had to get ready – no one could do it for me. Being around kids didn’t do it – I swear a switch flicked in me and then I wanted them w/ all my heart.

    Having a baby and raising kids is no joke so I don’t want to sugar coat it. My husband wanted them a lot too, but it was still super hard on our marriage. I believe that having kids puts a huge strain on a marriage so you have to be on the same page. If we both didn’t really want the kids, we wouldn’t survive. Hope this helps – Angie

    • says

      I feel like men wanting babies right away while women are more cautious is really common. It’s OUR lives that are going to change the most from the moment we become pregnant. No matter what a great dad your husband is, the baby doesn’t come out of him or depend on his boobs for food! 😛
      He doesn’t have to go through the labor pains, stretch marks, 3AM feedings, etc. so of course, the idea of a baby is fine and dandy to him!

      In the end, it will all work out how it’s supposed to work out. He’ll just have to be patient!

      • Christin says

        You are so right…and then on top of that it’s not like it’s the 1950’s where only the dads hold down the jobs! Nowadays it’s like kids are one more thing on top of everything else…I love my niece dearly and I want to have kids of my own sometime, but it just seems so impossible right now! (And I can always borrow my niece when I want to hang out with kids) :)

  15. Steph says

    You should come up here to Vancouver WA, where a lady tried to sell her newborn baby at Taco Bell for $300 the other day. Cheap lunch and baby. Done and done.

  16. says

    Have you tried JM’s Ripped in 30 yet? It’s a killer and the plyo moves really help with endurance for running.
    Confession: I hate my thighs so I fear shorts and short skirts.
    Confession 2: Eating pizza while watching Biggest Loser is a great combo, yet feels so wrong.

  17. says

    I feel weird asking people where they’re from too! My co-worker has no shame about it, but it’s funny because she never knows where the country is. Someone told her they’re from Norway and she said, “Is that north or south of us?” Haha!

  18. says

    “I have to work so hard for things that come naturally for others.”

    I know the feeling! One of my biggest workout goals is to have visible abs. I know I’ll never be skinny but I’d like some definition. My core is getting stronger and stronger but all that’s done is make the fat stick out more. Oh! The irony!

    That being said, I looked at your picture and thought of how terrific your abs looked and how I wish mine looked more like yours. The grass, she is always greener…

    I’m trying really hard to stop comparing myself to others as I find that for me, it is one of the most toxic self esteem killers there is. Good for you for living your life to the fullest and not waiting until y or z to do things. That’s an awesome philosophy!

  19. says

    Your confession posts are my absolute FAVORITE!! I never do the cool down either. I think you should ask….I doubt she would mind!! Do you think you could get me in for a zumba class after our run? AHHH BABY talk…we need to talk more about this in real life!

  20. says

    My confession is that when I read #10, I looked at airfare to send 2 children to CA. This would for sure guarantee that Ben would change his mind about children for a bit and give a a mimi break..:)

  21. says

    I identify so much with confession 5…I don’t think I’ll ever be able to accept the fact that I have to work so hard for things others take for granted in the appearance and fitness department. I have a permanent grudge against the universe in that respect.

    But you have nothing to be ashamed of! I still look at your weight page and don’t equate that number with how you look: you seem so much smaller, particularly your waist which is so tiny and toned!


  22. says

    “If I could do it all over again, I would. And I think I’d make all the same mistakes…”<— love this

    Confession 1: I lie to my trainer about how much I work out when he's not around.
    Confession 2: I'm pretty sure he knows Im lying.

  23. Ida says

    Love these posts! I like to think everyone has to work hard, some are just better at acting like they dont.

  24. says

    That sports bra has the kind of fabric as the target ones I buy. It’s my favorite sports bra material. Also, this post is exactly why I love your blog. I always laugh while reading. :)

  25. Ella says

    I love your running top! and agree that you look fab. I was 5’7″, 154 lbs and felt pretty good about my body but of course nothing’s ever perfect – then I got pregnant (speaking of babies). Now at 4 months preggo I look back at that profile pic I took when I first found out and think, I better THANK MY LUCKY STARS if I ever get back to that body!!!

    Also… I understand that people need to leave class early occasionally, but I think it’s maybe a bit disrespectful to the instructor to skip out on the cool-down if you don’t need to (kinda like when people talk too much during class). Am I being harsh/judgmental? Any instructors out there who can comment?

    • Ryah says

      As a former aerial dance teacher, I agree: It is kind of rude to just leave class early just because you don’t feel like sticking around.

  26. says

    Can I be honest? I’m not sure if you might think so, but you really have such a great body. People have a really hard time with the core area, and you look toned!

    I don’t always comment about bloggers’ bodies since it may be a touchy subject, but I thought you looked healthy so I just wanted to say so:D

  27. says

    Confession, I think you look amazing and if I could have your body I would be 100% happy :)

    It’s a constant struggle for me,I am up and then I am down and it seems like if I workout really hard I lose 2lbs if I walk past cake I gain 5 hehe

  28. Ryah says

    Confession: Now that it’s summer I eat otter pops like they’re crack. I’m hooked on the OP.

    Just curious, do you not want kids ever, or just not right now?

  29. says

    #1: Sometimes I wear the same workout clothes twice in a row. Gross but I can’t do laundry ALL THE TIME. 😉

    #2: Sometimes I eat just peanut butter for a meal. You know, like half a jar.

  30. says

    People ask me all the time what ethnicity I’re right, it is annoying xp It’s becuase I’m mixed..and for some reason people seem to think it’s okay to constantly ask. More recently there’s been alot more people it’s gotten annoying..but it’s the volume of people not the actual qurstion that annoy me I think. I usually find it amusing..and sometimes strange though, that people actually care what race I am..I should just be like.. “Human” Lol.
    confession; 1. When I was a kid I used to think I had a freak mutation that made my hair light brown, not black like the other asian kids XP

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