Five Friday Favorites

This afternoon I was productive with emails and cleaning (okay, I just washed the dishes but that was enough for today).

I felt hungry every 3 hours though. I think my body is getting used to eating more often now. A bit after lunch I cut up a watermelon.  IMG 7546 800x533 thumb Five Friday Favorites

Don’t worry, I had already eaten 4 cups of the stuff before this photo session. That’s the only way I could wait!IMG 7547 800x533 thumb Five Friday Favorites

A bit later I realized I needed something with protein so I made a protein shake topped with cereal. IMG 7304 800x600 thumb Five Friday Favorites

Since this is my Friday Favorites post and all… I need to say that this is my favorite snack EVER. Well, at least it’s my favorite snack of the year.IMG 7299 600x800 thumb Five Friday Favorites

Dinn-ah! Burnt english muffin pizzas. Because you know I like burnt stuff and you know I love pizza.IMG 7554 800x533 thumb Five Friday Favorites

Here are my Friday Favorites of the week:

1. Stride Gum. After very lengthy research (read: over a pack a day) I have come to the conclusion that this gum lasts longer than any other. It’s science.IMG 7305 800x600 thumb Five Friday Favorites

2. Researching my next vacation. So Kayak has been my BFF all week.image thumb12 Five Friday Favorites

3. Janetha from Meals and Moves. I often get asked what are my favorite blogs and hate to name names because I’m fickle. But, Meals & Moves is one of my top 5 and I credit Janetha with showing me the power of protein!image thumb13 Five Friday Favorites

4. TALKING TOO LOUD! I feel especially shout-y the last few days. Random.

5. And this is my favorite piece of swag from Blogher! And it came with a full sized ‘plant’ if you know what I mean wlEmoticon winkingsmile11 Five Friday FavoritesIMG 7556 533x800 thumb Five Friday Favorites

I have a long run scheduled for tomorrow and am kinda looking forward to it. Finally! Last marathon training session I looked forward to all my runs, but this session I’ve been dreading them. I’m going to focus on staying positive tomorrow and pushing through.


  1. says

    When I have watermelon in the house it doesnt stay around long. Especially if I cut it up and have it in the fridge, I am constantly going back throughout the day, then before I know it, its gone!
    I was going to have english muffin pizzas tonight! muffins make such a good base.

  2. says

    I think I agree about the stride gum, but I only really like the green kinds. There is a lighter green one that is good too, but the blue packs, nope not for me! Is that Fiber One Cereal?! I just bought that and havent tried it yet but it looks pretty yummy topping a shake!

  3. says

    I am struggling with my running. Mostly becuase I am scared to run in the dark, it’s too hot in the afternoon (I say 100 is too hot!), and I am too cheap to go to the gym.

    I am trying to find my rhythm and schedule to figure it out but right now I have decided last week was a rest week! ;-)

  4. says

    I am obsessed with researching our next vacation. So fun!

    I love Janetha too.

    You do not talk too loud. Well at least not in front of me.

    Dildo tree eh?

  5. says

    I like any gum that lasts a super long time unless “mint” or “cinnamon” is in the flavor somewhere. I need fruity! I don’t think they make a very long-lasting fruity gum. Guess I’ll just have to stick to awesome watermelon.

  6. says

    OHMYGOSHYOUARESOSWEET! you are MY favorite. no, really. i flipping love you. you are one of the few who will blog about anything under the sun and not hold back. you’re real :) and real rad. ha i can’t believe i made your list! <3

    dude! your favorite snack of the year is my breakfast tuesday through friday EVERY DAY since june! it's the only way i can justify eating cereal for breakfast every day. gotta have the protein factor.

    i have never used kayak but everyone raves about it, i need to check that out!

    dildo tree? wtf? i love it.

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