Watermelons and Looking Familiar

This afternoon I hit up Costco for some essentials. Ben has been eating big ol’ salads for lunch too so we’re going though hearts of romaine like it’s watermelon water.IMG_8060 (800x600)

Random note: A guy in line thought I looked familiar and said he knew me. That actually happens fairly often. I suspect it’s because I have red hair. Like someone remembers that so-and-so’s friend/daughter/enemy had red hair and assumes it’s me?? I dunno.

I am in love with my new watermelon. I spent 10 minutes up to my knees in the watermelon bin choosing the best one. It’s HUGE just like I like it Winking smileIMG_8062 (800x600)

I went straight home and had a moment with it. This is love.IMG_8067 (600x800)

The rind was super thin too! No padding for this watermelon – this was all the real deal unlike my padded bras. IMG_8069 (800x600)

Dinner was a turkey burger on wheat sourdough. Cuts the roof of your mouth like a mo-fo, but is totally worth it.IMG_8091 (800x533)

I’m thinking about some graham crackers for dessert? Maybe with melted Adora disks.


  1. says

    i always get told “oh you look like my cousin” or “you look like my best friend from back home” CONSTANTLY. I never know what to reply though! Do I say “thanks, I hope you think she’s pretty!?” i guess have a universal look or something!

  2. says

    A guy once gave me the “you look familiar” line. His friend said, “you were just trying to hit on her.” (He was, but I did look familiar because he went to college with me.)

    I think there are some people who have familiar faces. The weirdest thing is when someone sincerely confuses you for someone else. This has only happened to me once and I kinda thought the woman was joking. It makes me wonder how much my doppelganger really does look like me.

  3. Adria Biasi says

    I am also a red head and get that I look like someone someone knows all the time!!! Three times I have been asked if I am the girl that works at this one gas station thats about 20 miles from my town, once I looked like someone from a cranberry museum, and then there is this couple that always shops at my work and whenever they come in I get to hear about how I look exactly like their daughter. WTF!!?? its cuz us red heads are hotties!!

  4. says

    I’m not a big fan of watermelon, but wow, that’s a big’un!

    I get mistaken for people quite often. There was apparently a girl at my old college that was my doppelganger, I wish I’d met her!

  5. Emily says

    I’m a red head too and always get told I look like someone’s cousin, best friend, etc. We must all look alike 😉

  6. Crystal says


    I too have red hair, so I completely understand what happened to you. People always say, “you look just like this person!!” & I look nothing like the person, they just have red hair. -____-

    Haha, love your blog!

  7. says

    I’m a fellow ginger and I get that all the time – I feel like you just explained my life! Thanks for clearing all that up for me. You didn’t feel like telling him he probably recognized you because you were a famous blogger? I feel like I’m cheating on watermelon but I’m all about the canteloupe and honeydew this summer.

  8. says

    I think being recognized is totally the red hair. I got asked several times (while traveling across the country, so I was hundreds of miles from you, mind you) if I was so-and-so because I looked JUST like them.

    Seriously, we can’t look like everyone!

  9. says

    Costco= heaven on earth [pretty much] :) I do the same thing whenever I’m trying to find the best bags of cantaloupes or grapefruits- no shame!

    The other day there was a total creepster @ TJ’s who took my picture [before asking or even talking to me] and after my Dear and I saw her creepily staring, she said “oh, sorry, I thought you were someone else…” UM, HELLO WACKO!

  10. Nicole says

    Would you ever carve a watermelon instead of a pumpkin on Halloween? Or, is that defacing a treat?

    Hmm…random thought: Maybe a carved watermelon would be a cute backyard BBQ party decoration. Hmm….

  11. says

    I bought my first watermelon of the summer today. I can’t believe I waited so long – it looks amazing.

    And I’m always being told that I look familiar or like so-and-so’s sister. I think it’s because I’m a generic white girl with blue eyes and brown hair. Oh well.

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