Confession Thursday–Objects In Blog Not the Same In Real Life

It’s that time again, Confession Thursday…PRAYING thumb thumb Confession Thursday–Objects In Blog Not the Same In Real Life

#1. I am considering planning baby making around my best friend’s wedding. I’m not completely sure how baby making works, so we’ll see how that goes.

#2. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve spit in my own hair while brushing my teeth.

#3. I had to ask Ben if “whore” was a bad word. He said yes so I opted not to use it in a post yesterday. It would have been funny (at least to me). Your loss whores.

#4. I’m still licking my pancake plate like it’s socially acceptable.IMG 8410 800x533 thumb Confession Thursday–Objects In Blog Not the Same In Real Life

I had pancakes sans pumpkin for breakfast today. They were okay, but I’m getting pumpkin asap!IMG 8408 800x533 thumb Confession Thursday–Objects In Blog Not the Same In Real Life

IMG 8404 533x800 thumb Confession Thursday–Objects In Blog Not the Same In Real Life

#5. I only had 3 clients scheduled for today and they ALL canceled! Now it’s super hard for me to motivate myself to go to the gym since the gym is also work and I this could be a day off for me.

#6. I hide behind the blog (as opposed to living in the real world) because I’m photogenic. The confession part of this is when you meet me in real life you’re going to think I’m Monica’s ugly stepsister. Just a warning. IMG 8431 800x533 thumb Confession Thursday–Objects In Blog Not the Same In Real Life

Remember when I went to the DMV for a new license last week? Well my new one came in the mail yesterday!IMG 8429 800x533 thumb Confession Thursday–Objects In Blog Not the Same In Real Life

#7. A small part of me will be sad when I finally stop getting pimples because I kinda like to pick at them.

#8. Ben’s going to get scurvy because I eat ALL the fruit in the house. I promise I’ll nurse him back to health though.

Got anything to confess?


  1. says

    1. My new obsession is saying/typing “fo rills” (for reals). I think pretty soon I’m going to start losing friends.
    2. I spend all day at work thinking about going home and cuddling with my dog.
    3. I eat Trader Joes orange chicken about 3 times a week.
    4. I already have my 2012 race schedule planned.
    5. Here’s the really bad one – I miss my husband being an active duty Marine. I think we’re boring now. (and the haircut. and the uniforms. and the oorahs…)

  2. says

    Sometimes I take pictures of food and wait to use it for a good Wordless Wednesday, making it seem like I ate it that particular day. Still ate it, right?

    Naptime and bedtime for the kids puts a smile on my face.

    I enjoy Henry’s Pixar movies probably more than he does. Ratatouille rocks!

  3. says

    I confess: I was just leaving a review on Amazon and decided to click on the link to see what I have reviewed in the past. I noticed that on one of my reviews 0 out of 3 people thought it was helpful. I reread the review and I am actually a bit ticked. Seriously? It was totally helpful! A couple of my other ones were less so and people marked them as helpful. WTF?

    I also confess: I already don’t care about my previous confession. People are just dumb.

  4. says

    haha, I loved all your confesssions. Don’t worry about stopping getting pimples if you are going to get pregnant! Oh, and any baby making questions you have, I feel like I’m an expert at it! I read SO much before my husband and I started trying! Oh, and I love you wanting to plan baby making around your best friends wedding!

  5. kim says

    i love your first confession!! my best friend (who was my maid of honor) recently told me she is pregnant and happens to be due the same month as my wedding (so will not even be able to attend most likely because she lives out of state). i know you cant plan everything but i think its so sweet of you to think of your best friend!!

  6. says

    1. It drives me crazy when people don’t spell correctly.

    2. I was really happy that you spelled canceled correctly. I’m weird, I know.

    3. When I buy grapes, I only pull out the bunches that I want and dump out the rest, then put the wanted grapes back in the bag to buy. My husband says I can’t do this. I say I’m buying the grapes, so I’m only to buy the damn grapes that I want.

  7. Hannah says

    (RE: your smokin’ driver’s license pic.) I used to feel bad about not being photogenic at ALL, but then I read a saying along the lines of “Being photogenic just means you look better in pictures than in real life” and DUH, I’d rather look better in real life. ;)

  8. says

    My confession: I judge everyone’s grammar all of the time. I can’t help but to cringe when I see an apostrophe misused (gasp! horror!)

    I’m with you on the word whores. Totally not a swear.

    Lastly, I spent 8 months trying to get pregnant before it finally worked. I’m currently 21 weeks and super grumpy, but I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about baby makin’. Just shoot me an email. You can also start with the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility. (Lots of TMI photos, so you might want to warn Ben.)

  9. says

    Baby making!? Awesome. At my house I fondly call it ‘alien making’

    My boss hasn’t been in the office today so I have been wearing my retainer… I have to take it out like every 20 seconds when the phone rings so people can understand me. When I take it out spit gets everywhere. It is so GROSS but I need to wear it. I also need to sanitize my desk.

    Also because my boss isn’t around, I have been doing leg lifts every half hour. Gotta tone my core!

    Your #7 is such a guilty pleasure, isn’t it?

    Sorry all your clients cancelled! BOOOOO

    Happy Thursday :)

  10. says

    #1: Why do I get the impression that people make baby making seem harder than it actually is? Don’t us married people get lots of practice? lol
    #2: Not only do I spit toothpaste in my hair, I thing I have hidden cultures living in there like Horton from Horton Hears a Who from all the crap it gets dragged through. (poor hair).
    #3: I think “whore” is a totally acceptable word when used in proper context ;)
    #4: I used to eat the cheese corners off my McDonalds wrapper back when I ate McDonalds, and it drove my husband nuts!
    #5: I totally skipped my 4 miler today. I have no valid excuse :(
    #6: I got my new driver’s license a few months ago and dang! I am so glad that back when I needed to get fake ID’s to drink California’s ID ‘s weren’t this complicated and ridiculous!
    #7: I am the absolute worst with pimple picking…drives my husband nuts! (I think I drive him nuts a lot…poor guy! I’m so lucky he loves me in spite of myself!)
    #8: whenever I make smoothies I hide spinach and Trader Joes “green” powder in them so my husband can’t taste it or see it, but he’s still gettin his greens…you should totally consider grinding up vitamin c tablets and putting them in Ben’s food teehee

    #9: I love confession thursdays because I get to think up smart-a$$ remarks to post in response to your confessions ;)

  11. Adrienne says

    #1: I can’t eat a salad as a meal unless it has chicken, salmon, or noodles in it. I. Just. Can’t.

    #2: In response to your #3- “whore” stopped being a bad word after Mean Girls invented “boo, you whore”- a phrase I’m sure I use too much.

    #3: I’m addicted to Diet Coke. So much so that my boyfriend will tell me that he bought me “a case of crack” or will ask me “do you want a can of crack?”

  12. Christina says

    I’m fertile myrtle. Baby #1 – off the pill August 9th, preggers by Sept 10th.

    Baby #2 – off the pill at beginning of Jan. Preggers by Feb 4th. Miscarriage Feb 16th. Preggers again by mid March.

    So baby planning can be pretty easy…or not…you don’t know until you try…

  13. Kate says

    Good luck planning your babymaking. Been 3 years since we started planning around a military deployment and trying and still no baby. I definitely learned my lesson that trying to plan baby making is not an easy thing to do. Best of luck!

  14. Bec says

    Something new I learned the other day about ovulation: It is a common misconception that you ovulate 14 days after the 1st day of your last menstrual period. You actually ovulate 14 days before the 1st day of your next period. This is important to know if your cycles are longer than 28 days. You (supposedly) are only able to conceive a few days a month when you ovulate. If this is true, then there are a lot of people accidentally timing it just right :)

  15. says

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