Asian Eggs

I had a full afternoon of appointments so I made sure to fuel up really good before work! Who am I kidding? I fuel up to walk to the car. (I also had half a PB&J because I was hungry wanted it.)IMG_8937 (800x533)

I ended up having some time in between appointments and grabbed this random bar from GNC. It wasn’t good tasting, but the stats – 140 calories, 12g protein are decent. procrunch liteUltimately, taste wins though and I won’t get this again.protein bars(

I had a really good evening of appointments! Two of my girls are just back from vacations and it was great to catch up Smile 

Then, I rushed home for FOOD!!! I made a broccoli slaw with eggs for dinner.asian eggs

Alternative name for this dish: Asian Eggs

It’s just cooked broccoli slaw with eggs and peanut sauce. I garnish with peanuts and extra soy sauce for happiness too.peanut garnish

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See ya in the morn’!


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    broc slaw + eggs = go-to dinner with a side of soup and bread all week… food rut? nope, it’s good and i’ve been pooped after teaching all day 😛

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    Broccoli slaw is so fun to play around with. I love being able to just add it to whatever I want! Technically I do that with broccoli too, but in slaw form, it seems classier, lol.

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