Don’t Shoot the Scale

Mid-afternoon today I had my green smoothie with cereals…IMG_9221 (800x533) 

Dinner was unpictured because I was rushing. I was on MamavationTV tonight and had to report to the video chat at 6:50pm!

But, apparently my cereal fix wasn’t satisfied because I wanted a night cap.IMG_9223 (800x533) 

Then, there were some graham crackers and dark chocolate Ben was chomping on. What the fck?!

shoot the scale Bah! I was doing so well for a while there, but have really fallen off the healthy habits wagon these last two weeks.  I was doing good with one night time snack and brushing my teeth. But, these last two weeks I’ve been snacking and feeling bad about it and then doing it again.

I need to get back on the wagon RIGHT NOW!


  1. Lorin says

    I do that too! I feel like once I start snacking I keep going. Plus, I think I have so many options for a dessert that I end up wanting to try all of them! I think I can stick with the once a night thing if I minimize the multiple options and try to enjoy it instead of feeling bad about it and then eating again because I just think oh screw it I already snacked so might as well keep going. FYI I tried a vita-top chocolate tonight, so good!

  2. says

    Monica, I know it’s frustrating but I agree with some of the other commentors above. You are in marathon training girl. I think you are going to notice a BIG difference in your hunger cues after you stop training. It’s so hard to conceptualize but when we stop exerting so much energy, our bodies will naturally bring us back into our regular hunger cues. I always have a hard time rationalizing that but it works. I wouldn’t worry about it now and after your marathon, you can really focus on getting back to where you want to be. (Although, I think you’re crazy because you look absolutely fantastic now! 😉

  3. Melodie says

    I have been doing this with dairy… and I am allergic! I have such a hard time with the new frozen yogurt pick your own toppings places!!

    And, if I was training as hard as you are I would be eating all freakin day!!!

  4. says

    It’s annoying how hard it is to stay committed to healthy eating. There’s just so much deliciously bad food out there. I struggle with the same thing, that I’m so on it for a while, then I throw it all out the window for two weeks. Then I’m back. I guess it’s the journey and not the destination that matters right? Also, you have a wicked bod. Just thought you should keep that in mind.

  5. says

    Those habits are so hard to break. I keep trying to stop doing it myself, but it’s so frustrating because I don’t even feel hungry half of the time. My pants are getting tighter so I know I need to stop it or I’m going to gain 10 pounds during this marathon training. Grr…

  6. Laney says

    Hey, at least you have hunger cues! Some of us like myself cannot tell when they are hungry because of the restrictions we have put on our body.

    Be happy with yourself and know you are training. Once your body is back to non-training mode, it won’t ask for as much!

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