Ask a Monican for Cupcakes

I had to be back at work at 6pm so I had leftovers with a side of amazing garlic cheese bread x2 before I left.IMG_9540 (800x533)

When I got home I went to make a snack, but I noticed a bakery bag in the fridge. Ben got us a cupcake from Frostings to share! He said he LOVED it when I got it for him for is b-day and needed another one. I ate 1/4 of it and scrounged around for other snacks.IMG_9549 (800x533)

Ask a Monican #18

1. What would be your last meal?
2. Thoughts on Overeaters Anonymous and Intuitive Eating. (I think I go on a random tangent here.)
3. What do you think of Amazing Grass and ODing on Iron?

See ya later!


  1. Emily says

    Somewhat disappointed that you decided to tackle the question what would be your last meal on the day that Troy Davis, an innocent man in GA, is scheduled to die by execution. This has received international news – surprised you wouldn’t be aware of it.

  2. says

    That smoothie sounds SUUUPER healthy!

    Ps. I saw that you have a GIGANTIC Nalgene bottle… How many of those suckers do you think you drink a day? I have just a 32 oz one that I drink 2 of every day…

  3. says

    Monica! I just started reading your blog recently and OMG I love it. I love your sense of humor…I LOL at least once a day from reading your blog; and I love all the topics you write about. Love it all…keep up the good work! :)

  4. says

    last meal would be extra cheesey mac & cheese with all the fixings (bread crumbs, bacon, chicken, maybe carmelized onions) and of course chocolate molten cake with ice cream..maybe some cookie dough too..and brownie batter

  5. Melodie says

    Love the ask a Monican question about overeaters annon and intuitive eating :) I am where you are at with trying to get away from the fitness and food “groups” and realizing that life is passing me by while I am too concerned about every bite that goes in my mouth and my fitness schedule. I have found it to be alienating though… which is hard. And, finding things to do that are not diet/ food/ fitness related is super hard! But, if it makes you feel any better, I consider you super normal. I have actually stopped reading most fitness/ food blogs because I feel like a lot of bloggers have this eating healthy/ fitness thing down pat and look too perfect. I LOVE your blog and continue to read it because you ARE different. You are beautiful, smart, witty and REAL on your blog… which I love! I always am smiling when I finish reading your blogs, where as some of the ones I was following I would feel bad after reading.

    Hmmm…. now I think I went off on a tangent!!

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