Champion Shape Wear Giveaway

Happy Humpday! I have a fun giveaway to get us out of the mid-week slump!

Last month I worked with Champion to test out and review their new line of active shape wear. After just one karate kick try I fell in love with their shaping knee pant here. It helps prevent jiggle and self-consciousness Winking smileIMG_7692 (800x600)

I also love their high impact sports bra.IMG_7669 (800x533)

Now they are letting you try my favorites too. You can win the shaping knee pant, sports bra and tech shirt!!!IMG_9555 (800x533)

Iā€™m pretty excited about this giveaway because I wear this gear a few times a week!IMG_9561 (800x533)

I wore my gear on my 5 miler this morning. Before I left I had a piece of PB toast, it was camera shy Winking smile

When I got home for breakfast I knew I wanted to attack the cinnamon crunch cereal so I made a pumpkin pie smoothie to slow me down.IMG_9565 (800x533)

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie: 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, 1/4c pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice, 1 cup almond milk, Ice and a packet of stevia (opt). Blend.

I topped it with tons of cereal and a scoop of sunflower seed butter.IMG_9569 (800x533)

What are you waiting for?! Run to the comments and enter to win a complete set of Champion Shaping Wear! IMG_9557 (800x533)

To Enter: Leave a comment, any comment Smile 

Open to US residents only. Ends Thursday Sept 22 at 9pm PST. Winner announced Friday morning.


  1. Beth says

    I would love to win some jiggle protection! About 90% of the workout clothes I do have are Champion…but I can always use more (especially in the way of pants since winter’s coming).

  2. adina says

    After rotating between 1 pairs of pants, 1 sports bra and 2 t-shirts to workout in the whole week, I’d be down to win some new workout attire!

  3. Porkchop says

    I’ve been reading your blog for months (and working my way through all the past posts, too) and it’s one of the only ones that A- is updated multiple times/day B- I always look forward to reading :) I ran Long Beach in ’10- I missed my BQ by 10 minutes; I was the idiot wandering aimlessly around the finish area crying and unable to find my ride to the hotel. So sad. I qualified this past July tho, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed I get into Boston (still waiting for confirmation). I’ll be running the Portland Marathon the day you run Long Beach- I’ll be thinking about you! Good luck!!!!

  4. says

    I’d love some free stuff! As long as I don’t have to post pictures of me in them on my blog. My reader(s) will not want to see me in fitted pants. Promise.

  5. says

    Now I want a pumpkin pie smoothie. For lunch, I had the most amazing sandwich: toasted whole wheat bagel thin, fried egg (hard yolk–runny yolks are gross), sauteed spinach with onion and garlic, melted gouda cheese, and sriracha. Yum!

  6. Heather C says

    Yay work out clothes! Although I need them for Friday for the Susan G Komen 60 Mile/3 Day that myself & two coworkers are embarking in/on :) LOL

    You crack me up…happy wednesday!

  7. Elizabeth says

    I am running in my first 1/2 and i really need a new outfit! I LOVE champion and would love to have a new outfit to wear in the race!!

    Thanks for the give away!! I am crazy in love with your blog!

  8. Rebecca says

    I love the running pose photo! Does Vegas look are you like you’re crazy when you take the pictures? I swear my cat looks at me with a bit of disgust when I act silly by myself.

  9. says

    I just read that you should buy a new sports bra once a year. I think the last time I bought one was over 5 years ago! So sad. I hate buying workout gear. It should be given free as a reward for exercising.

  10. says

    I just discovered Champion a little while ago and LOVE the brand. The tops are all flattering and never chafe, and the pants do a great job of taming these runaway curves :) I would be PSYCHED to win this one.

  11. Tabitha says

    I have been sports bra shopping. Hard to find good ones that are in my price range that don’t give me a uni-boob. Love your blog! You inspire me to keep trying to run and eat healthy.

  12. Amy says

    Yay, yay! I love Champion stuff.

    (And thanks for making this giveaway so easy to enter. I don’t want to have to run to facebook, like a page, run back and tell you, then go on twitter and write something about it and then come back AGAIN to tell you! Too much effort! I just want Champion clothes, man!)

  13. Trish says

    Did you hear about this?: “” As a fellow redhead, I am both shocked and outraged, and feel that some Champion Shape wear would help soothe my broken spirit.

  14. Erin says

    I have been experimenting with pumpkin pie smoothies forever and not quite getting it right. I am going to make this one tomorrow!!

  15. Jodie says

    I need new workout clothes to stay motivated. I’m pregnant and all of my stuff is getting too small! Gotta keep moving, though!!!!

  16. says

    i have a bit of jiggle and would be super-psyched to tame it (along with my self-consciousness)! we aren’t all 110 lb runners, and it can be hard to dress for.

    plus these look a little more moisture-wicking than my old navy yoga capris that i currently run in (and wash only semi-regularly, since i am gross).

  17. Pauline says

    This is such a great give away! I absolutely love Champion sports bras. I’ve tried others, but they just don’t even compare.

  18. says

    Here is my “any comment” :)…but seriously great giveaway, I’m always looking for new workout clothes, especially those I don’t have to spend money on!

  19. says

    So did you eat the entire box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch? I can’t buy that cereal unless I decide I’m okay with it lasting maybe a day.

    BTW, I really like my Champion running skirt. I liked it so much I bought it for a friend.

  20. Katie says

    I love Champion sports bras – they’re the only kind that don’t seem to chafe me. After your blog post about the purple one, I tried it out & bought the bra… love it!

  21. says

    A little song for the Champion workout gear: Weeeee are the CHAMPION(s), my friends….oh, we’ll be so stylish ’til our workout ends…we are the CHAMPION, we are the CHAMPION, no time for crappy workout gear ’cause we are the CHAMPION….of the sweat! :)

  22. Kristie says

    My bras (just typed bars… eek) are on their last legs. 6 years old and while they still do look like functional sports bras, their support is lacking. Would love a new one and knee tights that make me look extra hot are definitely a bonus :).

  23. says

    It’s still triple digits here in Phoenix and anything hot to eat doesn’t sound good, but I really want to start making things with all my Fall favorites! Think I’ll start the first day of Fall with a pumpkin pie smoothie! Sounds so good right now. :)

  24. Kate says

    I watched your Ask a Monican video today for the first time–fun stuff! It’s neat to see you live rather than just in writing. :) (Hope that doesn’t sound too stalkerish!)

    Anyway, I’d love to win some new sports duds so fingers crossed!

  25. says

    Longtime lurker/reader, first time commenter :) Have to say I really enjoy your writing style and tone. I just watched my first episode of “Ask a Monican” and you are so darn cute! You remind me a lot of myself the way you write and talk about your life.

    I’m loving the posts about this Champion Shapewear and can’t wait to try it (I’d totally pay for it, if I don’t win!) And I am just becoming a fitness instructor by getting certified in a few things (yay!) so I’m always on the hunt for cute comfortable stuff.

  26. says

    This is pretty exciting. I’ve been trying to buy exercise wear the last few weeks but it is SO expensive! As I really try to buckle down and lose some weight, it’ll be nice to try out a brand I normally wouldn’t. Would love to become a brand evangelist ;).

  27. Rebecca says

    I have the saddest sports bras a girl has ever seen. : (
    I remind myself that I need some new ones every time I work out but get distracted easily when I am actually at the store!! Wah, wah…

  28. carolyn says

    i’ve been reading your blog for a couple months now and i’m still trying to figure out which marathon you’re training for. you never say! i also want free clothes bc i’m poor and lululemon doesn’t sponser people with 10 min mile times.

  29. Jessica says

    Would love the chance to win some Champion workout gear! And your smoothie makes me want a piece of pumpkin pie. Right. Now.

  30. Amy says

    I love the sports wear that actually holds stuff in place so you can concentrate on exercise rather than things moving or falling out! Champion is really good.

  31. Lauren Y says

    I would love to win this gear as I just found out I’m preggers and will need some new workout stuff for the baby on board!

  32. stephanie*L says

    Awesome giveaway! I have no nice workout gear, and this would be the perfect win to enjoy my workouts before my wedding in 6 weeks! :)

  33. says

    I really need some new workout clothes, mine are starting to have that stink. Nothing like noticing that in a yoga class that the smell might be you. :)

  34. says

    Oooh, easiest giveaway ever!

    I also have a Cinnamon Toast Crunch problem…buy a box at 5pm, it’s gone before bed. That pumpkin pie smoothie looks AMAZING- making one this weekend for sure.

  35. says

    I am in desperate need of new workout gear! I also am in love with that cereal. I could eat it every day. By which I mean I would if the box didn’t somehow get empty so fast.

  36. s. says

    my comment is that reading your blog is a great way to distract myself from grad school. i mean that in a good way … i swear.

    also, i could use some help in the jiggle department. especially for the chest area. (ugh, yeah, i went there.)

    no but srsly, i love the champion knee-length pants that are at target. they are so perfect for yoga/running/strength/whatever and not frumpy on short people.

    and i wasn’t even paid to make that statement…

  37. annie says

    I can’t get this range in Scotland but it looks too comfy to be true, I’d love to get a long run in the rain (my constant climate) done in them!

  38. Alyssa says

    I just noticed today that my favorite sports bra is ripping and would love a new one! (the other workout clothes wouldn’t hurt either šŸ˜‰

  39. Shanna says

    my boyfriend recently bought that cascadia farms cinnamon cereal too and it’s delicious! also – that smoothie looks amazing! leaving to go buy pumpkin in 3…2…1!

  40. Dawna says

    I love your blog!! I’m too cheap to buy my own workout pants….since I’m running so many gosh darn races this year. And my thighs love me when I wear capris! :)

  41. says

    Champion is one of my all time favorite workout brands! I already use a lot of their products. The sports bras sound fabulous and everyone needs black knee pants! They are prefect for fall and winter workouts. I hope I win šŸ˜€

  42. Kristine Smales says

    Holy Comments Batman! Yeah, those are pretty sweet. I would love me a pair of those to help combat goosebumps during my early Western Pennsylvania runs. P.S. Love the blog. :) Kristine

  43. Liz says

    I love your blog, and I need a bra that will actually control the bounce. I thought I was good, then saw a video of me running, and I was horrified!

  44. says

    I would love to get a new pair of running capris. I got a pair recently and they are a different brand…let’s just say they ride up in front. Poor me, I learned that on a 9 mile run. At least it wasn’t my race, but still. They suck, I need a new pair!

  45. Jackie says

    Oooh I’d love to win. I’ve made the transition to working out almost exclusively in running capris because of your blog!

  46. says

    When I played basketball in elementary school and middle school I only wore mesh Champion shorts. I had the basics, black, red, navy, but I also I had a sick pair of purple ones I was madly in love with. They some times could be seen off the court paired with a tie-dye shirt. I was amazingly fashionable.

  47. megmarie says

    Ohh, I’d love to try these out! It would be nice to find an affordable pair of capris so I don’t have to break the bank like I do with some of my other favorites… not naming any names!

  48. adrienne says

    i love your blog! I’ve been resting tibial stress fractures and running vicariously through your posts! You are one funnygal! Thanks for a giveaway!

  49. Tess says

    You are so stinking cute, fabulously real and histarically funny! You are also hosting a super give-a-way I would love to win. Thanks!!!!

  50. Kristina says

    Love your blog! You have an awesome give away I really can use the capris I just found a hole in mine this morning :( super sad

  51. Brooke Lemmons says

    Oooo I would love to win any of those items but especially those pants! I’m super self-conscious of my legs and those would do the trick!

  52. Jen says

    Pumpkin Pie smoothie topped with cinnamon crunch cereal looks soooo yummy! Now, you may go ahead and pick my to win the gear. :)

  53. Mendy says

    To Mendy, if I’m reading this, Monica and Champion have my six to complete the 18.6 mi trail race that is scaring the crap of me. No excuses! I can do it!

  54. says

    just signed up for a chilly half marathon (put on by a group called fattman productions- which i think is entertaining) and would loveeee some new gear to motivate me to move mah butt!

  55. Emily I says

    I would flip to get these awesome workout clothes! (Flip as in flip-out, not flip like a gymnast). Love your blog – I’ve been reading it while training for my first marathon in November. You provide me with enough humor and motivation to keep at it!

  56. Lauren says

    I’m getting wayyyy to comfortable with wearing workout clothes. :) Those pants look so slimming and really motivate me to be active, not just in my workout, but in my everyday life. When I wear stuff like that, I feel so confident and productive!

  57. bri says

    I need to win this…I’m pregnant with twins!! I’ll need to get back into my workout routine soon enough and new gear would be a great motivation šŸ˜‰

  58. Molly says

    I wear the same sports bra from freshman year in hs (12 ish years ago)… I’m also about 5 cups sizes larger than that sports bra can handle. My milkshake does NOT bring the boys to the yard…heyO.

  59. says

    Hi! I am leaving a comment to tell you that I need new gym clothes and more importantly I absolutely love your blog. It motivated me to run my first half marathon this weekend!!

    P.S. The cartoons you post are freaking hilarious. Yesterday’s Flan poster made me laugh for 5 whole minutes!!

  60. Lauren says

    As someone finishing up my ACE PT certification in the next month, I NEED to expand my workout gear collection.

    My high school gym shorts and boyfriend’s old t-shirt just aint gonna cut it.

  61. says

    I started running 7 months ago and at the time I wasn’t sure if it was something I’d keep doing. I bought cruddy clothes to run in… and my body is paying for it now. I literally have a scar on my lower back from chaffing as well as on my upper left breast area from my bra. Good Lord, you’d think I’d just go out and buy some new clothes.. but I haven’t. Maybe I’ll win some?!?!

  62. Lindsay says

    I am in dire need of new workout wear! I’m THAT girl at the gym that is wearing the same shorts and shirt every other day….and no, they have not been washed in case you were wondering….

  63. Jessie says

    Does using protein powder give much sweetness to your smoothies? I usually need a banana in mine to make them taste sweet enough for my taste!

  64. Amy says

    I love that CF Cinnamon Toast Crunch!! I could easily down a whole box…in one sitting :)

    I’ve been wanting to try the Champion knee pants! I need some new workout gear to motivate me!!

  65. says

    I want more Champion gear! More than half of my workout clothes are Champion b/c they’re my fave. Champion sports bras are THE BEST.

    P.S. Thanks for the pumpkin pie smoothie recipe – can’t wait to try it!

  66. Christa says

    Okay, I’ve been meaning to try pumpkin pancakes for awhile now, but I will definitely be making a pumpkin smoothie after my next grocery store run! Bonus: I’ll have pumpkin leftover to make those pancakes I’ve been eyeing for months.

  67. Stephanie says

    I recently started running, and have decided to tackle my first half marathon in December. I am learning very quickly that good gear makes a difference (e.g. old rugby t-shirts and canvas shorts are NOT designed with distance running in mind). There is so much cool gear that it’s completely overwhelming to try to determine what shoes, socks, tights/pants, sports bras, tops, visors, headphones, etc…will work best for me. I’ve had great results with Champion sports bras in the past, and I am excited to try their new high impact one!!

  68. Karen says

    I need to make a pumpkin smoothie soon. I still have a can of unused pumpkin from last year that’s been sitting in my pantry. I would love to win some Champion workout wear. I’ve been wanting some knee pants (rather than capri) pants cuz I’m a shortie.

  69. Kim says

    ahhh! i need new workout pants like its nobodys business!
    and ps. now that i have read your post, i want to consume an entire box of cinnamon toast crunch

  70. Angie says

    I could use some new workout clothes!
    Love your blog – you were the first healthy living blogger that I started following last May and I have been following/stalking ever since :)

  71. Jen says

    I would absolutely love to win this giveaway….I read your blog multiple times a day Monica because it is the first blog I found that HELPS me on my recovery journey from disorder eating and addictive exercise. Your blog is so real and honest and I appreciate your humor and willingness to never give up. I began running outside (with no calories being counted on a machine!!!) and love enjoying running…well, just for feeling good. I do sometimes feel uncomfortable outside because I feel “jiggly” or like people are watching me so your comment on how the champion gear holds everything in really makes me want to win! I definitely can’t afford it otherwise (I spend too much on my new healthy foods!!!) Either way though I just want you to know that I love you blog and and so happy I found it. I also just want you to know that what you do really does make a positive impact in people’s lives…so feel good about yourself :)

    p.s My dog’s name is Vegas!

  72. says

    I buy almost all of my workout clothes at Target… I looove them. BUT MY TARGET DOESNT HAVE THE SHAPEWEAR (WHYY GOD WHYYY)

    which is why i should win it from you :)

  73. Jennifer says

    I love your blog and I want to be an awesome runner like you! You inspire me to go out there and run no matter what and try to achieve my goals.

  74. Belinda M. says

    I love…love…love Champion workout gear. I just found the perfect pair of running shorts. Too bad it’s fall and I probably won’t get to wear them but once. However, new gear would be GRREAAAT!!! *in my Tony the Tiger voice* LOL!!!

  75. says

    You said any comment, so here it goes!

    I had knee surgery 4 months ago, for dislocating my knee…a lot. I know I have told you this before, but I have been reading your blog everyday and getting ideas for when I can FINALLY run.

    Well, TODAY WAS THE DAY! My first jog outside since surgery! I did think of your blog too…is that weird? That’s I can’t help it, your blog is entertaining!

    Keep up the awesome blog!

  76. Robin says

    I feel like I’m destined to win this giveaway, as this morning while jogging it became quite apparent to me that I need new jogging bras.

  77. Heather says

    Your blog rocks my socks. šŸ˜‰ I am running my first marathon Oct. 16th, and this gear looks like it could withstand 26.2!

  78. says

    I don’t know how I missed this giveaway. I get those Champion catalogues all the time but am hesistant to order anything because I am unsure of the fit. I like to touch and try on my workout clothes before I buy.

  79. Brittany says

    Thanks for the pumpkin pie smoothie! What exactly is the pumpkin pie spice and how much do you use?!

    I’m making apple crisp tonight, want some!?!? :)

  80. FC says

    Read your blog daily…it is one of my favorites!! I could definitely use an extra pair of workout clothes for working at the school gym!

  81. Jackie W. says

    I never splurge on workout clothes, but could definitely use some new/good ones, (especially sports bra), so this would be awesome! :)

  82. Jen says

    aahhh….I would absolutely love to win this giveaway….I read your blog multiple times a day Monica because it is the first blog I found that HELPS me on my recovery journey from disorder eating and addictive exercise. Your blog is so real and honest and I appreciate your humor and willingness to never give up. I began running outside (with no calories being counted on a machine!!!) and love enjoying running…well, just for feeling good. I do sometimes feel uncomfortable outside because I feel “jiggly” or like people are watching me so your comment on how the champion gear holds everything in really makes me want to win! I definitely can’t afford it otherwise (I spend too much on my new healthy foods!!!) Either way though I just want you to know that I love you blog and and so happy I found it. I also just want you to know that what you do really does make a positive impact in people’s lives…so feel good about yourself :)

    p.s My dog’s name is Vegas!

  83. Jean says

    I love love love Champion sports bras. It’s the only brand that keeps the girls locked in so they dont give me a black eye while running.

  84. says

    I need to win this giveaway because I am a recent college graduate and therefore poor and also because I really need some more capri-length exercise pants…

  85. Lauren Whisman says

    I would love to win the work out gear! I’m in serious need of new gear, and as a poor college student I just can’t afford to buy high quality stuff. Plus, compared to what I have been wearing to my university rec center, this gear will give me the sporty edge to exercise in confidence!

  86. Jillian says

    New workout clothes would be the answer to my prayers. Ive had a string of bad luck and some sub par workouts. I think new workout gear would remotivate me and turn my luck around. Crossing my fingers.

  87. Chelsea A. says

    I am embarrassed to admit just how badly I need new gym clothes. Doing laundry at my Mom & Dad’s, my Mom was helping me fold clothes and she picked up my sports bra and said “what kind of gray is this?” And I had to admit that at one point it was white. Help a broke college girl out!!

  88. Gudbjorg says

    I am in serious need of new workout clothes :)

    ohh im so glad your starting to use pumpkin again, its the season! I literally put pumpkin in everything I eat now hehe

  89. Zanna says

    I’m having one of those days, thankfully not everyday that ends in “y” is like this but today, well, I’ve lost track of everything I’ve eaten…

  90. says

    I love it!!! And in regards to your post before this, I always talk about bloggers too. You know like “My friend is a personal trainer and works random hours. Not sure I’m strong enough to handle life without a regular schedule. She rocks!”

  91. tammy says

    I have a pair of champion shorts i LOVE LOVE LOVE…they are at least 3 years old, build in compression shorts (not panty) and are amazing… why oh why dont I have more Champion gear???

  92. Maren says

    I read this and your next post and LOVE the f*cking crumbs picture. hilarious and so true! But I kinda enjoy the handful of crumbs at the end! Annnyway, I totally have a pirate mouth, too. My bf always says, “was the f word necessary” …yes, it’s always necessary.

    AWESOME giveaway! When we moved from MN to NE, all the kids at school called my siblings and me the “champion kids” b/c that’s all we wore šŸ˜‰

  93. Jennifer R. says

    Oooh! New workout clothes are just what I need to get my booty back into shape! It’s depressing to go from 10 miles runs to barely 3 after a slack summer. :/ Love your blog, I don’t comment much but check it alot :)

  94. says

    Aiyee! It’s the sports bra I asked you about recently! I love this giveaway! šŸ˜€

    Also. I want to buy some more cinnamon cereal after seeing this post (I demolished a box of Cinnamon Chex in one week…mmmmm) and I do need some more vanilla protein powder because that pumpkin pie smoothie is calling my name…

  95. Vicki says

    I’d love to win those clothes! Anything that helps my jiggly bits…

    I need to hunt down some pumpkin so I can make that smoothie. Looks delicious!

  96. michelle says

    A. Cinnamon cereal is the bee’s knees

    B. I’m FINALLY training for my first marathon. Literally, just started three weeks ago! I’d love to try out some of this gear, I think it’ll keep me moving and motivated.

    C. I LOOOOOVE love LOVE you’re blog. I read it so often the people I work with said this to me yesterday, “I feel like I know this girl (you) because she’s always on your computer screen.” ha…stalker status.

    Anyway, keep up the great work!

  97. Danielle says

    Hey Monica!! I would love to win this gear. I’m running my first 1/2 marathon in January and have no nice workout clothes. :( This would be awesome! :)

  98. Erin says

    476 comments later, and here I am!! I THINK I’ll be running my first half in February, so I would LOVE this so much. (especially running in AZ!!)

  99. Monica says

    I am currently in need of some fall/winter gear as I am a newbie and have never run outside in the winter before!!! PS I LOVE this blog **I am in no way partial, because my name is monica too ;)**

  100. says

    Wait, we’d be winning the stuff you’ve been wearing?! Just kidding. šŸ˜‰ I’d love to win. I run around in the rattiest gym wear ever. I’d rather buy new shoes and run in holey shirts lol.

  101. Jaren R says

    Ok, I really need to win this. I am training for the Las Vegas Rock n Roll (half), which is my first race ever. I need new gear so that I can stalk you down in person and look super cool and sporty doing so!

  102. Ashley D says

    Comment, comment, comment!
    I’ve never commented on a blog or really ever followed a blog before but I’m totally hooked on yours and read your blog ALL THE TIME, LOVE running, and LOVE LOVE LOVE champion gear. Oh, and food’s pretty good too šŸ˜‰

  103. says

    Totally making that smoothie as soon as I get my hands on some pumpkin! Are you one of those “refill your bowl so the smoothie always has a layer of cereal on top” people?! I am.

  104. Jnet says

    Love your Champion Shaping Wear outfit! I need my comment to be picked because I need all the help I can get with my “I’ve carried three kids in my womb” shape… via shaping wear or lippo.

  105. Amy J. says

    First off, LOVE the blog! Secondly, I used to live in Rancho Santa Margarita and love that I found your blog! I feel like NO ONE had any clue where RSM was! :) Plus, its like a gazillion miles off the 5 freeway so no one ever ventured to come and hang out with me (I’m originally from Northridge!)

  106. Phebe says

    Awesome giveaway – I’d love to win! Monica, that last picture in this post cracks me up. It looks like a body-builder pose, minus the face :)

  107. Tina says

    Wow – give something away for free and over 500 people write in! Show’s that people read like crazy without commenting until you engage them. :)

  108. Brandie says

    I can’t wait to get back into running! I live in the south and I’m six+ months pregnant with my third, so getting outside could be a death sentence. I miss running so much and can’t wait to get out there and push myself to my first half marathon. :)

  109. Lisa marie says

    Can champion shapewear support my watermelons? Ok, maybe they’re more like those little figs but we all need to look cute with whatever fruit we have been endowed with :)

  110. Chelsea C says

    LOVE your pumpkin smoothie idea! Fall flavors are my favorite and every year I anxiously await the onslaught of pumpkin-inspired foods. Your smoothie is a MUST try!

  111. says

    is that cinnamon toast crunch? please tell me that’s cinnamon toast crunch. I’ll love you for ever.

    or I’ll love you forever if I win this giveaway šŸ˜‰ <3

  112. Jen says

    Ok, but is the high impact sports bra really high impact? I continue to buy “high impact” sports bras and am always disappointed. I end up wearing two sports bras at a time when I go for long runs to keep my girls from bopping me in the chin consistently. If this sports bra is the real deal, I’ll check it out!

  113. Lauren S says

    I am in need of some new workout clothes, mine are starting to get a little to big, which is definitely a good thing lol.

  114. Christine says

    I fairly desperately need new workout clothes, so this giveaway would be awesome. Plus I <3 the yellow shirt–it looks great on you!

  115. Amy says

    I have been reading your blog since the beginning-I love it! I could definitely use some new workout gear-since I work out 7 days a week and haven;t bought a new bra in ohh……2 years? eek!

  116. says

    Holy crap there’s a lot of comments so probably won’t win, but hope I do because my favorite sports bra kinda smells funny even after I wash it…just sayin’ šŸ˜‰

  117. Ashley says

    I recently read an article in a fitness magazine about how much even my little ta-tas move around when I run, and it was totally frightening. I need that Champion bra. I do not need grandma ta-tas by the time I’m 40. Thanks for the giveaway!

  118. Mallary Mardis says

    The cinnamon crunch cereal looks delicious! Oh, and do you like running in the shaping knee pant?? I normally wear shorts and have always wondered if I would like wearing something like that!

  119. zoe says

    LOVE Champion Stuff! And I’m in DIRE need of some new running capris & a sports bra. If you saw my attire right now, you’d pick me immediately :)

  120. Sarah says

    I would LOVE some shaping gear! Plus, let’s be honest – I NEED a high impact sports bra! I’m so tired of wearing two! Ugh!

  121. Crystal L. says

    Definitely need some more running attire so hubby won’t fuss at me for cutting up t-shirts and wearing knit capris that look 15 years old.

  122. says

    I love your blog. What I really love is your creative way of eating cereal on everything since I love cereal so much that I can’t keep it in my house since I’d eat the entire box.

  123. TiffanyS says

    I pretty much live in workout gear when I’m not at work. Sadly, a lot of it should be thrown out as it has seen better days. I haven’t seen this pants anywhere, but I would LOVE to try them out. I have some jiggle and I’m very nervous to wear my running tights outside of my own house. Thanks for the great reviews. If I don’t win, I’m going to have to track me down a pair!