Things (This) Blogger Doesn’t Tell You…

I LOVE soy sauce and don’t know why it took me so long to buy Bragg Liquid Aminos! I picked some up at WF this weekend and am already drinking it straight up. IMG 9576 533x800 thumb Things (This) Blogger Doesn’t Tell You…IMG 9573 800x533 thumb Things (This) Blogger Doesn’t Tell You…Today I took my usual salad up a notch by adding some Bragg’s and lime juice to the Peanut Dressing. OMG. Yeah buddy!IMG 9571 800x533 thumb Things (This) Blogger Doesn’t Tell You…

But, I still had a salt craving so I made some popcorn to go on the side. IMG 9579 800x533 thumb Things (This) Blogger Doesn’t Tell You…I really appreciate that I can be open and honest on RER, but I thought I’d share a few things I don’t tell you. I know I’m super random, but I have a feeling other bloggers can agree on a few of these (let me know!).

Things I don’t tell you…

1. Sometimes it may seem like this is a commercial for watermelon certain food or fitness products…IMG 0181 600x800 thumb Things (This) Blogger Doesn’t Tell You…But I turn down 90% of the email offers I get. I am really just this loud and proud about things I love! Seriously I know it’s annoying.

2. And when I do accept a free product I ask if I can give you guys one too. I want you to share in the fun wlEmoticon smile15 Things (This) Blogger Doesn’t Tell You… 

3. Meeting bloggers and readers gives me anxiety. I’m a less funny gordita in person (plus, I have a magic camera that drops 32 pounds instead of adding it). Be prepared to be disappointed if we’re in the same place at the same a weirdo thumb Things (This) Blogger Doesn’t Tell You…(

4. This one doesn’t make any sense… I spill my guts to you guys, but actually feel like the people in my day-to-day life are intrusive when they ask me what I’m doing after work or something.

5. I am sad when I don’t have time to check out your blog when you leave a comment. I used to be super good about this, but time and life is more complicated now.

6. My friends think I censor myself a lot compared to real life and that makes me sad. I am a sailor, but don’t want to be banned at your work/school/mom’s house so I gotta.crumbs everywhere thumb Things (This) Blogger Doesn’t Tell You…

7. It sucks when I am super proud of a blog post and no one else seems to care. I need to remember this is my online diary and sometimes no one gives a fck. And that’s okay.

8. I talk about you like I know you too wlEmoticon smile15 Things (This) Blogger Doesn’t Tell You… I get a lot of emails and comments from people saying that they feel like they know me – well, it’s mutual!

It’s common for me to tell Ben, “Amber K doesn’t understand my love of watermelon because today she said…”

9. I have blogger envy and love the way other bloggers look, take pictures, cook amazing meals with 78 ingredients, write…

Can anyone agree or add to this list?

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  1. Erin says

    1) Watermelon is amazing and I had a divine watermelon agua fresca today!

    2) As much as you don’t always reply or comment, I think a lot of readers (myself included…) also don’t always comment even when we love something. So, even when you think nobody cares about one of your posts that you’re super proud of… we do! We just don’t always take a minute to say anything. :)

  2. says

    I have no problem with xxx number of complete strangers reading about every detail of my life, but refuse to tell Facebook because all those acquaintances and old friends (and ex-boyfriends) reading it gives me the willies.

  3. says

    Hands down, you’re my favorite blogger (not to sound all fan girly or anything) and one of the only ones I would actually like to meet. You’re honest…but you’re genuinely honest, not in an ‘aw shucks’ kind of way. I appreciate that you’re not a robot, not a size 2 and that you don’t eat perfectly. I like to read the other healthy living blogs with their beautiful pictures and gourmet looking foods, but yours is the one I can relate to the most. Keep it up!

  4. Ida says

    So what is the difference between liquid aminos and soy sauce…so confused. Also that granola wrapper speaks the truth!
    I’ve never felt like your blog comes off as too infomercial. If I were a blogger I think I would be hard pressed to turn down anything free- mad props for being able to do that.

  5. says

    that is an interesting way to use the amino. I have the same brand in my pantry but have not used it yet. I opened it and smelled it and could not bring myself to try it.

  6. Jen says

    Oh my gosh…I tell my boyfriends things all the time like “Well Monica gave me the best pancake recipe the other day…” He thinks I am so weird when she finds out that I dont actually “know” you hahah

  7. says

    This list was really fun to read! Even though I’m a new blogger I can identify with a lot of what you said. Thanks for the fun afternoon read :)

  8. says

    I’m totally with you on blogger envy… and feeling like I know everybody IRL.

    And I’m going to need to steal that Hey Look at This Weirdo picture.

  9. Amy says

    I saw a blogger in real life once (Kerf), but I was too chickensh-t to say hi because it seemed so stalkerish. Also, what to say? Telling her she has a nice blog seems obvious.

    I’m off to eat watermelon now. My addiction isn’t on your scale, but it’s kind of up there.

  10. Christy says

    Even though I don’t have a blog (way too scared to start one!), I love this post! I always talk about you and other girls like I know you. I say to my husband “One of the blog girls did this or that….” because I can’t say friend, even though I feel like it. Sometimes I wish I could drive up and visit you since I live in northern San Diego. We could go for a run together and you can teach me all about half-marathons. (is that weird?!) I am definitely keeping an eye out for you in Las Vegas…my first half! ;)

  11. says

    Ok, that Nature Valley Bar picture up there? SO TRUE. I didn’t even register how true it is until I saw that, and now I’m almost positive I will always think “F***ING CRUMBS” when I eat one ((<–like that censorship? I figured I'd contribute to your blog's non-sailor-mouth haha))

  12. says

    I love your blog! And I definitely feel the same way about commenting like you know someone, I feel like a blog is so personal at the same time as it is not, so you do feel like you sort of know that person!

  13. carrie says

    hey monica! i’ve recently started following your blog from all the way down unda’ in brisbane, australia! i’m from houston, TX, but live in oz now with my fiance. i just adore you and LOVE your blog, and i even show you off to (my) ben in the evenings and mornings (ben is my fiance). :) he thought you were cute and “turkeyish” like me:) that’s a compliment, btw. :)
    i’ll be coming home in a few weeks to run the NYC marathon. can’t wait to eat all the US food! aussie food isnt the same.
    have a great day! you have a true gift. :) xoxo carrie

  14. Valerie says

    Wait a sec. So you’re telling me we aren’t actually friends in real life!?


    hahah just kidding. I love your blog, and even if you think we (readers) don’t notice an awesome post due to lack of commenting, we do! You rock.

    (Hopefully you got the Step Brothers joke…one of the best movies ever)

    Oh and I talk about you like you’re my FIRL (Friend in real life).

  15. says

    lol, i hear ya!

    1. Same as others, I feel like my blog friends are my friends in real life. I have to remind myself that if we crossed on the street, some of these people wouldnt know me. I met Meganerd at the DC marathon and felt like a super stalker.

    2. I write a blog about Ironman training, and feel like a fraud when I dont want to workout. I usually dont admit it :-P shhhhh……

  16. says

    Yes, yes and yes! Numerous times I’ve thought about shutting down my blog just cuz it seems like I’m talking to myself. But then I have to remember that sometimes I don’t always leave comments on other blogs ALL the time. I still read them and enjoy them, but don’t always feel compelled to write something. Also, since my blog isn’t just about “one thing”, I feel like I have to be a little more restricted and consider who my audience might be depending on what I write about.

    I really enjoy your blog. Keep it up!

  17. says

    I’m a sailor at times too and I often have to stop myself from swearing on my blog.

    Oh and by the way, I can say that I WOULD NOT be disappointed if I ever met you. I’d probably pass out from excitement!!!!!!! :D

  18. says

    I think we’re all different in our blogs- I’m a little more snippy than normal, but it’s just a persona that’s based on me, I guess. Plus being over-dramatic is so much easier when I write compared to when I talk!

  19. says

    I googled “Top Fitness Blogs” one day and came across 50 completely useless blogs and yours. I love yours. It’s real and funny and you rock. Don’t diss yourself. You’re totally someone I would go drinking with :)

  20. says

    Haha! I love this list. Speaking of meeting bloggers in person. I just moved to Orange County and wanted to have an OC blogger meet up because as of now I’m a big loner that hangs around her sister too much for her own good.
    I would definitely want to meet you in person. We can be not-so-funny-in-person-gorditas together… just saying…

  21. says

    Love the granola bar photo, mostly because I smash mine before I open the package and pour the crumbs over bowls of plain yogurt + fruit. Priceless!

    PS – I also cuss like a trucker in real life, but keep my blog PG. WHY? I don’t know. It just seems like the right thing to do…

  22. says

    You’re a SoCal girl, are you going to TechMunch on Friday in Santa Monica? If so, I’d love to meet you :)–and yeah…I feel pretty much the same way about meeting people in real life. My friends don’t believe me because I am a “talker” (for better or worse), but I definitely have my own set of social awkwardness/shyness/weirdness.

  23. says

    Love this!! Meeting other bloggers gives me so much anxiety too! In fact, even commenting used to give me anxiety because I always thought the blogger would be like “Who are you, and why do I care what you think?” Oy! Also, I totally concur with your views on watermelon! :)

  24. says

    I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog! I have been hanging around here quiet for several months but wanted to give you the kudos you deserve for your super honest, sometimes sailor talking (I speak the language so I understand), hilarious, fun to read blog. Thanks for entertaining us!

    Personal Honesty: I don’t share my blog address with people I know except immediate family, but I really don’t mind strangers seeing my blog. I guess work friends and such are too close for comfort. Everyone has quirks.

  25. says

    So…I’ve been lurking for a while. Then I read this post. And saw the picture of the Nature Valley bar. And laughed so hard I cried. Thanks for that.

  26. says

    LOVE Braggs. I feel the same way…there are so many times when I think “I wish I could tell my blog friends that” but I just don’t have time or it just doesn’t make sense in the post. My blog really is like my best friend that I want to tell everything to!

  27. says

    HAHAHA! I love that spoof on the Nature’s Own granola bar! I have so many cheerios/random pieces of food all around my driver’s seat. Whenever I vacuum out my car, it is like recapping what I’ve eaten the past month or two (or three).

    To comment on your “not being as funny in real life”…isn’t that true of EVERYONE? That’s why AIM was so popular in high school…that “cute boy in your class” thought you were super witty since you had 5 mintutes to think of a response. :) I am sure you are just as much fun in person as on your blog…it’s gotta come from somewhere!

  28. Christina Webb says

    As a stalker of your blog, I have to say that you are way too hard on yourself – you’re awesome! You are engaging and relatable… it’s not easy to write in a way that makes readers feel like they know you and in a way that makes them like you without ever having met you. Keep it up mamacita!

  29. says

    Ok, total crepper confession…When I was in LA recently, we took a shuttle from LAX to our hotel. The shuttle dropped someone else off first in Pico Rivera. And I said to my fiance, this is where Monica is from, as if I knew you. He was like ooook?? Weird…yes. But funny so whatevs.

  30. says

    OMG I totally feel you (on most of them anyway, I don’t have enough time in the blogging world, or i’m just not cool enough yet to have product offers, etc) but especially on #4 I get all annoyed when people at work, or family, or whoever ask me my weekend plans…yet I have no qualms about blogging about them. lol! :)

    One thing I would add is uneasiness about how to deal with tough or rude comments…Sometimes I don’t know whether to delete them, or try to answer constructively, or? Any thoughts?

  31. says

    1. i <3 bragg's, too…thanks to your advice, i now make some kick-ass peanut sauce with it & sriracha sauce.

    2. i'm jealous of those bloggers who get to put wayyy more time into their blogs than i do. i feel like i'm scraping just to get one post up per day, and i get envious when i see bloggers post 3 times.


  32. says

    I absolutely love your blog, I’m always laughing!! I feel like I know so many bloggers too and I’ve only been blogging for a month. I guess we all stalk each other so it’s hard not to know everything! ;D

  33. says

    Uh oh! I did something wrong… ;)

    I really do enjoy reading your blog. I have lurked around on other ones and it’s pretty easy to spot people that are just reaaaally fake. I love how real you are! You like what you like and you aren’t ashamed about it at all. I really admire that :)

  34. says

    I absolutely LOVE how real you are. I can relate to 99% of the things you say. #4, 7, and 9 are definitely true for me too. I would much rather write stuff down and share it with the whole internet (I mean, once people discover me…) then talk about it in person. What do you mean, isn’t everyone like that ;)

  35. says

    This is a GREAT topic. I have been following certain blogs for years and they are like celebrities to me. I totally feel like I know so many of you! But I think in a way, because of the way the word works now, I know you guys better than I do people I know in REAL life. Blogging tends to bring out a lot of honesty ;) Such as in this post!… plus… I don’t tell all my friends what I ate, wore, did for exercise, what my goals are and so on on a daily basis haha

  36. says

    Well if you are going to share, so will I. The more I read your blog, the more I look up to you/wish I knew you IRL. I am so excited to run Ragnar with you. BTW the nature valley bar picture is effing hilarious.

  37. says

    1. You’re not awkward in person. You’re still all kinds of awesome.

    2. I hate when a post I put a lot of thought into gets glossed over as well. So frustrating sometimes, but like you said – if I enjoyed writing it it works.

  38. Katie P says

    I totally dig your blog and it always makes me wish I could get it together enough to have a blog of my own. Heck I don’t even have facebook! (I know I am a loser) I swear, every time I read one of your posts I think to myself how cool it would be to be your friend.
    You inspire me and make me laugh, so I will just pretend that we are friends ;)

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