Girl Falls In Race–Inspirational Video

How’s it going?! I picked up this pumpkin yogurt at Target today and pumped it up for a snack with cereal and an extra scoop of pumpkin. It’s good (for regular yogurt).pumpkin yogurt

After work I hit up Road Runner Sports for my much needed shoes. But, after all my back and forth with finally buying them – they didn’t have my size. Luckily, the store was able to order the old version for a lot less! As long as I get them asap I’m happy!

Dinner was another big salad with roasted broccoli and half of Ben’s taquito. I sometimes call them “taka-titos” because my little brother Matt used to say it like that and I thought it was cute. Not so cute when I say it, but it is what it is.IMG_9946 (800x533)

And Pizza! I was craving pizza all day. Just like every other day.IMG_9954 (800x533)

Ben polished off the Pumpkin Apple Crisp tonight and immediately requested more. He even chopped up the apples again to get me started! This time I made the batch bigger in a larger pan lined with graham crackers as a crust.  Took it to another level.graham crust

I poured the apples on top of the graham crust, then topped it with the batter and an oat sprinkle.low fat apple recipe

I’m pretty sure this is what Heaven smells like…healthy apple crisp recipe

Unfortunately, Ben also polished off the ice cream last night (he obviously doesn’t value his life as I may cut him in his sleep). So, I had to eat this normal style.healthy apple crispI’m going back for seconds thirds Winking smile

This is the most awesome video I’ve seen in forever! A girl in a 600m race falls and still gets up to keep going… Watch it!

Side note: Always feel free to share any inspirational videos or links in the comments or email them to me. I love it Smile


  1. says

    On my blog I designated today as Wipe-out Wednesday because I bit it big time on a sidewalk (road rash, sore neck and back, yeah!). Then I find out later that a friend did a face plant just walking across and intersection and then my sister-in-law fell off her bike and broke her arm. What is up with today and all the falling??

  2. says

    We are so on the same wavelength! I used that same video just the other day! It is so amazing! Every time I watch it, I get goosebumps! I like this version way better than the “Chariots of Fire” music-y version… so real, so gritty.

    All that food is seriously delicious-looking! Yum!

  3. steph says

    “Unfortunately, Ben also polished off the ice cream last night (he obviously doesn’t value his life as I may cut him in his sleep). So, I had to eat this normal style.”

    My boyfriend and I can’t stop laughing. We could be twins. There was a chocolate incident in our house last night and a similar phrase was used……

  4. Christy says

    Love that video! Just goes to show you that you can always push yourself harder than you think.

    And I love your idea of using graham crackers as the crust. Unfortunately when I bake anything in a 8×8 pan, there are only two servings. One for me and one for my husband!

  5. says

    That WAS really inspirational. Thanks!

    Question: I know you’re getting new shoes for your marathon coming up soon – about how many runs or miles do you feel you need in order to be ready to race in a new pair of shoes?

  6. says

    Darn! I thought I could go at least one day without crying like a sap at a video.

    I will add this to the list of movies/shows/videos I have cried over in the past week. Others include Bridesmaids, Crazy Stupid Love, Coronation Street, Biggest Loser. And for the record, nope, not pregnant :)

  7. Mendy says

    Oh I love these videos! Thank you!

    Here’s my favorite:

    I don’t think it’s click-able (sorry I don’t know how to that). Please copy and paste. It’s worth it.

    It’s a slow start b/c they include about her coach battling Lou Gehrig’s disease at the race start. The team has a lot of unity in running for the love of running and their coach.

    Motivational clip about commitment/dedication and not knowing how to do anything else but staying as strong as you can for yourself and for your team (insert here: family, friends, etc).

  8. says

    Ahaha, I feel like this post was a page out of my life. You know your man is REALLY motivated for you to make something when he actually starts chopping up stuff for the first step. And I can’t tell you how many times my husband has “accidentally” finished off the ice cream.

    Also, I started a blog since I’m now an RD… I hope you’ll check it out!! :)

  9. says

    In my two years of competitive track and field, I will say that it is incredible that she won… not typical! We also learned that the three most sacred rules were:

    1) stay in your lane (does not apply to all races)
    2) don’t drop the baton
    3) cross the finish line

    I once fell over the 7th hurdle of a 100 m race, and once you lose your momentum on those things, you’re basically F-ed. But I somehow HAD to finish, and any moment that you pick up after falling is an amazing one.

    At my last marathon, I saw someone fall like 20 ft from the finish line, but she got up and finished business.

    In short, cool video!

  10. says

    Okay, the video made me cry a little. Way to go for that girl. That would have crushed me emotionally – especially in high school.

    By the way – I had an egg/ketchup/jam sammie for breakfast this morning. Awesomeness. I am putting in my profile on Lose It and calling it The Monican :)

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