Give Yourself a Little Credit Before Goal


After my short shift this morning I headed towards my old neighborhood to see my doctor. My foot issue is ongoing and I need it taken care of before the marathon! I had an AMAZING honeycrisp apple and a vitawater on the way. I hit up the doctor and the bank before stopping by my mom’s. If you’ve read the blog since it started sucked you might remember I lived here most of … [Read more...]

Feeling Sick Friday


Hello! Happy Friday? Actually I woke up at 4:50am with a scratchy throat and couldn’t go back to sleep. Randomly, I also woke up really hungry. I drank some coffee, ate half a banana and stalled on twitter until about 6am before I went for a run. Yes, I look sick too. My eyebrow skin is still red and swollen. Ben still insists it just looks like I have red eye shadow on. … [Read more...]