Carb loading with Salty Carbs


“No one interrupt me, I’m carb loading!” <- Me. Today. (While it is the day before the race, I may or may not say this on a daily basis...) I get a lot of questions about what I recommend eating before a long run or race. I hesitate recommending anything specific because I know we all have different tastes and reactions to foods. I’d hate to steer someone wrong so make sure … [Read more...]

Long Beach Marathon Expo 2011


Yesterday afternoon I picked up my little brother (who is staying with us all weekend) and headed to the Long Beach Marathon Expo. This place always feels very nice and familiar to me because I’ve attended so many times! Even before running half marys/the blog/Ben/etc I did the bike 26.2 with my ex. Since then I’ve also run the half a few times and full once. I also lived in … [Read more...]