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I got home from the cruise today around 10am. The box of Cheerios didn’t hold me over so I ate a real breakfast and caught up on emails while letting it settle SmileIMG_0870 (800x600)

Then, I remembered we still had pumpkin cream cheese so I made half a bagel with pumpkin cream cheese and pumpkin butter. It was pamazing 😉IMG_0872 (800x600)

I knew I was not going to want to exercise after getting home so I put my running clothes on before I left the ship this morning. This way I really had no excuse.

IMG_0878 (600x800)

I HATE running anytime after 10am so it was kinda rough. And it’s still pretty warm here! I did a little under 3 miles and called it a run.IMG_0879 (800x600)

I had a cold apple when I got back. I need to remember to put apples in the fridge more often, it was so refreshing. IMG_0889 (800x600)

Then, I ran some errands including a quick Costco trip. That would be rotisserie chicken on a salad. It would also be super delicious.IMG_0882 (600x800)

I had the most intense craving for popcorn all weekend! I planned on having it with lunch since yesterday. Ahhh, craving satisfied.IMG_0884 (800x600)

Vegas likes to sleep on my favorite placemat so I leave it outside. I hate that it’s super dirty, but I love that I can joke about eating Vegas since he’s on my mat Winking smileIMG_0887 (800x600)


I ate lunch while catching up on The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion. Oh.My.Gosh. What is up with Teresa?! Every episode this season makes her seem more and more mean and clueless. It’s really unbelievable – I don’t get if it’s an act or what??image

Did you watch it? Thoughts??


  1. says

    I’ve watched HWONJ a few times this season and totally agree that Teresa has been really mean. It also seems likes she’s really two-faced with constantly making up with people and then turning on them.
    I have a craving for popcorn too. I think I’m just craving the salt though, or maybe that I can eat a ton of it at once.

    • says

      She just seems too much – like you really don’t get that the things you are saying are so mean or accusatory?! But yeah, maybe she is crazy and doesn’t know it.

  2. says

    We just watched last weeks about the book. Need to watch the reunion. Teresa saying everyone was too sensitive about what was in the book. “It was a joke.” At everyone else’s expense. I don’t think she will ever get it.

    Our cats seem to sleep wherever they want. Can’t really stop them.

    The Kidless Kronicles

  3. says

    I’m the same way with popcorn! Since I make it a meal, I air pop it, add butter and Parmesan cheese…. then wash it down with a rootbeer. Always. Dang it, now I want popcorn too! 😛

    Also, Vegas looks like he’s saying, “Try to eat me and I’ll claw your eyes out, Lady!”

  4. says

    OMG I went to Costco today and EVERYONE had that rotisserie chicken in their baskets! What was up with that? Some special?

    Also I love your photos of Vegas :)

  5. Theresa says

    I feel like Teresa’s spiraling out of control! Like she’s so desperate to be right that she has to keep backtracking and is caught up in a huge downward spiral. I can’t wait for Season 4, since they kept alluding to it on the reunion episode!

  6. steph says

    Jacqueline is allllll over twitter bashing Teresa….she even posted some nasty texts between them!! I realllly don’t like that Dina seems to be on Teresa’s side… maybe it’s just because Dina is the godmother of one of Teresa’s girls? Apparently Caroline and Dina don’t even talk anymore :(

  7. says

    I watched the reunion, too. Teresa is utterly clueless. It was so heartbreaking when Gia sang that song at the birthday party! I also think that Joe Giudice has some sort of drinking problem. He looked wasted in every episode. I was a bit sad that Jacqueline didn’t make it to the reunion. I missed the last few episodes and want to hear discussions on her (ungrateful) daughter Ashley.

  8. says

    I can’t even eat an apple that isn’t cold. Unless it’s in pie. But then c’mon, that’s pie!

    Oh and I have to figure out how other people are convinced to work out just because they are wearing workout clothes. I need much more motivation than just that, lol. Otherwise they just turn into “let’s catch up with the DVR” clothes.

  9. says

    ok, 2 things! First, I ONLY like apples fresh out of the fridge! They are so much more juicy and never mushy… mushy apples give me the heeby jeebies. B) I LOVE costco rotisserie chicken, yum my mouth is watering (seriously). Oh! and I need to get my grubby little fingers on that pumpkin cream cheese! lord it looks yummy

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