Local Food in Panama

After the Panama Canal we went to Ciudad Viejo. It’s one of the older areas of Panama and has a lot of history. IMG 1240800x533 thumb Local Food in Panama

We visited a few Catholic churches. I may have mentioned it, repeatedly every time I do confession Thursday but I was raised Catholic and really appreciate this.IMG 1231533x800 thumb Local Food in Panama

Said a little prayer here <3 I needed that.IMG 1235533x800 thumb Local Food in PanamaWe walked around and explored building and more churches that were built in the 1600s. Remember, I live in SoCal where basically nothing is older than the 1980s so it’s big deal to me.  IMG 1244800x533 thumb Local Food in Panama IMG 1246800x533 thumb Local Food in Panama IMG 1251533x800 thumb Local Food in Panama

It was hot so we grabbed some raspados from a cart for refreshment. IMG 1267800x533 thumb1 Local Food in Panama

And continued to explore…IMG 1253800x533 thumb Local Food in Panama

There was an amazing view of the Panama City skyline! IMG 1262800x533 thumb Local Food in Panama

IMG 1272800x533 thumb Local Food in Panama

From here we had our tour guide drop us off somewhere for lunch. We were insistent on finding something small and local, but that was a battle of sorts. We ended up at a local chain that did have a lot of local residents, so it worked.

I got pollo asada, “salad” (coleslaw) and arroz con vegetables. It might have been my hunger talking, but I thought it was delicious!IMG 1276800x533 thumb Local Food in Panama

We stopped at Dunkin Donuts for the second time today and this time got a treat to go with our shared iced coffee. It was disappointing, which is a plus because I let Ben have it after one bite.IMG 1278800x533 thumb Local Food in Panama

Then, we took a break and headed back to the hotel for a break. Blogging and calls home via Skype ensued.

We decided to look around at a few near-by places for dinner and nothing really jumped out at us. On our route we stopped in a grocery store and decided to piece together dinner there!IMG 1285800x533 thumb Local Food in Panama

I love checking out local grocery stores when I travel. Is that weird?IMG 1283800x533 thumb Local Food in Panama IMG 1284800x533 thumb Local Food in Panama

We ended up with quite the feast and enjoyed our local meal on the floor of our hotel room. Romantic, no?IMG 1290800x533 thumb Local Food in Panama

Our spread included: chicken tamales (wrapped in banana leaves), empanadas, salad, mixed veggies, tuna salad with macaroniIMG 1289800x533 thumb Local Food in Panama

And dessert! A guyaba jelly roll and fancy layered pastryIMG 1302800x533 thumb Local Food in Panama IMG 1294800x533 thumb Local Food in Panama

Ben was proud of his beverageIMG 1304800x533 thumb Local Food in Panama

I was proud to find a Zevia! IMG 1307800x533 thumb Local Food in Panama

We’re heading to a park tomorrow. Better bust out the bug spray!


  1. says

    I also love to check out the food in other countries. Unfortunately I am a vegan and currently living in Paris. I think there might be no other city where it could possibly be as hard as to be be vegan. The French love their butter and there cheese for sure! But I am absolutely in love with the city! For your next trip you should come and visit Europe!

  2. says

    i always think that grocery stores in other countries are like so super cool. i walk down every isle to see the stuff that they have that i’ve never seen. even when i lived in canada and went to the USA, i would always be amazed at the different flavors of soda and the names of chocolate bars. oh – and USA has a much broader selection of “cool” prepared food that i always see on blogs, so there’s been a few times i’ve had to pay extra luggage fees due to me bringing back something loserish like diet cherry pepsi or reese-chocolate shell for ice cream.

    i always feel super dorky, but now that i live in an underdeveloped country, going to safeway or walmart is like one of the most exciting things that i do when i come back to a first world country!

      • says

        i accepted a job transfer in to madagascar a couple of years ago. it was only supposed to be a 2yr gig, but after 2 yrs…it was obvious to me that i wasn’t ready to leave. :)

        so many opportunties and life is great,but, our food selection is EXTREMELY LIMITED.

        i long for mixed lettuce, berries, muffins (OH MUFFINS!!!), and the foods that i’m used it. but, i tough it out. and then i read blogs like yours – i have become obsessed with yogurtland. i found one on vacation last month and i was totally prepared to eat it EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT. for supper. i miss it. i cry myself to sleep at night dreaming of it. and live vicariously through you and SR. :P

  3. says

    It seems really beautiful in Panama! I love buildings that aren’t painted in the “traditional” US colors – I just can’t help but take pictures of them. Have a great time on your trip.

  4. says

    I LOVE going to grocery stores in other countries too! You learn a lot about what locals eat and you can get meals for so cheap. It’s the anthropology major in me :)

  5. says

    That doughnut actually looks like my favorite kind. Good thing I can’t eat them anymore! Because I’d be diving face first.

    Aw, romantic dinner on the floor. Gotta love hotel living :)

  6. Ida says

    I love going to grocery stores in other countries too! It makes me feel like a local. I think it gives cultural insight, is a great way to eat for less $$ and get some in some veggies all at the same time

  7. says

    I love going to different groceries stores even if they are just in the next town over. I always find something new and exciting. My husband and I are headed to Spokane next month and I am excited for my first-ever Trader Joes experience!

  8. says

    I love checking out grocery stores when I travel, too! And not even just when I leave the country…really anywhere. In fact, my family took a little staycation in NYC over the summer (we live in NYC’s suburbs, but spent a weekend in Manhattan), & I spent almost 2 hours one morning strolling along the main street near our hotel exploring the awesome/fancy Manhattan groceries. So much good stuff!

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