Going to Gamboa Panama


Ben and I moved our vacation inland to the rain forest for a few days. But, this morning I made oatmeal with hot water from the coffee maker… I’ve been rolling with this little trick for years – anyone else do this?  And we took a walk outside. There is a really great walking/running/biking path in Panama City along the water way. I wasn’t comfortable going for a run … [Read more...]

Skinny Runner Runs and Eats


Remember this summer when I gained 7 pounds from eating fro-yo all the time and my blogger friends like Skinny Runner didn’t gain an ounce?! Well, after I wrote obscene things about her on the Yogurtland walls I had to beg her to re-friend me and write a guest post. Today my SoCal peep Skinny Runner is sharing her running secrets. Kinda. 1. Where is your favorite place to … [Read more...]