Pile on the Miles Day One and Early Morning

In Panama Ben and I woke up pretty early everyday, so my body is still on that time – I woke up at 5am again today! And I don’t have to go into work until 4pm.

I decided to go to the gym for a strength session. Halloween is over, but I’m still scary…IMG_1874 (600x800)

The gym was pretty empty, which I prefer for strength workouts Smile IMG_1880 (600x800)

I warmed up on the stair climber for 15 minutes and then did triceps, shoulders, chest and called it a day.

Since I hadn’t done arms in over a week the weights I used before I left already felt more difficult! But, I didn’t feel like it was a good workout though? Boo.

I went home HUNGRY and decided to make pumpkin pancakes. Except, they fell apart…IMG_1887 (800x533)

AND I managed to spill the chia seeds out of the bag instead of sprinkling them. FAIL x2.IMG_1893 (800x533)

They still tasted good, but it left me unsatisfied so I had a piece of toast with PB&J to round out the meal.IMG_1892 (800x533)


Today is Day #1 of the Pile on the Miles Challenge!!! There are almost 600 of you participating – almost triple last year’s POTM-ers!!!running turkey(image source)

By now you should have received an email with a link to the spreadsheet. Please email me asap if you did not.

I got a few questions in the emails and wanted to share the answers:

1.  I was wondering if elliptical miles would count?

No, the treadmill is the only cardio machine that counts toward mileage.

This is a walking or running challenge. But, next month Run to the Finish has a challenge for more general exercise you should check out!

2. Does running on the treadmill count?

Yes, I know the weather in other parts of the country would make me want to stay inside!

3. I’m going to be out of town one of the weeks. Can I still jump back in when I return.

Yes. If you are unable to complete the 5 mile minimum one week, but want to do it the next – jump back in and update the spreadsheet by the deadline.

4. Can I email or tweet you my mileage?

Yes, I’d love to hear how you’re doing! But, you must update the spreadsheet yourself to qualify for the prizes.

You can review all the rules here.

We have 2 more prizes to entice you too! Both of these will be given out the last week to make for 3 winners that day!

A Mix 1 Prize Packmix 1 prize pack

And Love Grown Granola Love grown granola

You only have until Friday at 8am to get in your first 5 miles to qualify for a week’s supply of Stoneyfield! Good Luck!

*Feel free to blog, tweet or spread the good word and encourage everyone to keep going. This is not a competition with each other, so please share your success however you feel comfortable and try to motivate one another!

If you want to update via twitter use the hashtag #POTM

Question: What is the worst thing you’ve spilled?

This isn’t the first time I’ve made a mess with chia seeds, but luckily they were all on the pan. They are a pain to clean from the floor!!!

Updated to add: POTM entry is CLOSED. Sorry :(


  1. says

    I once spilled cookies ALL over the floor!! I won’t lie, I ate them still!

    And I love when the gym is empty! Lifting with all the guys makes me feel special, but they hog up all the area!

  2. says

    This is the first time I’m participating in POTM and I am so excited! Any extra little bit of motivation is always just what I need to get my mind right and get out there and exercise. Thanks for organizing this!

    The worst thing I’ve ever spilled? Gotta be a carton of eggs! Ick!

  3. says

    I spill stuff all the time!!! I was making my daughter cupcakes and spilled an entire container of pink sugar!! We have a black shag rug in our kitchen…..I’m still finding sugar after a year!

  4. says

    I’ve spilled so many things before. Once I was making tacos and opened the wrong side of the chili powder container, dumping like 1/4 cup on 1/2 lb of ground turkey. We tried eating it, but there was no way, it was awful. You couldn’t taste anything but chili powder and even a ridiculous amount of cheese wouldn’t make it go away.

  5. says

    You lost your pancake makin mojo while you were on vacay! Don’t worry, thats how my pancakes come out looking 1/2 the time but I fully agree they just aren’t as satisfying when they aren’t fluffy and pretty…hopefully you’ll have better pancake luck tomorrow 😉

  6. Beth says

    Worst thing spilled…an entire pan of enchilada’s (sauce and everything) buckled in the middle and landed upsdie-down on our tan dining room carpet. We ate PB & J for dinner while experimenting with carpet cleaners.

    P.S.- super excited for POTM! Thanks so much for organizing it!

  7. says

    I hate when I leave the gym and don’t feel like I got a good workout in. But who wants to keep going when it’s not going well? There’s always tomorrow!

  8. says

    Spilling anything sticky is the absolute worst. But the last thing I spilled was cinnamon on top of my own pumpkin pancakes – which also fell apart. What is it with pumpkin pancakes lately? I meant to sprinkle a bit of cinnamon on top and I think a good tablespoon fell out.

  9. Kaulean says

    Awww! I’m sad I’m going to miss this. I don’t know how I didn’t see the challenge before! It sounds like a great motivator and way to keep accountable!! Good luck to everyone on their personal goals!

    Also, I think the bad pancake mojo is going around. I made some of the ugliest pancakes ever last night. I didn’t have any clean pans so I tried to use a pot, bad bad idea!!! They were more like deformed lumps rather than flat cakes. Still tasted ok though.

  10. says

    Is it weird that I kind of love how you rarely follow a recipe and just kind of throw food (but good food!) together – and then even if it’s not perfect, you still put it up on your blog? Isn’t that how we all cook, anyway? The honesty is refreshing!!

  11. says

    I spilled coconut flour all over the floor the other day when I was trying to make pancakes! Not good.

    Quick question about POTM – do we have to enter our numbers on the spreadsheet by 8am PST or 8am EST?


  12. says

    I just died laughing at “Halloween is over but I’m still scary.” You are too hilarious. I don’t think you’re scary though! 😀 I prefer empty gyms for strength training too for sure. I don’t even think I can pick one thing for the worst thing I’ve spilled. I’m the biggest clutz and spilled stuff everyday to oats, granola, juice, sauce, etc.

  13. says

    I don’t know if this counts as spilling, but it’s pretty annoying when I crack an egg to use the whites and parts of the shell fall into whatever I’m making.. usually oatmeal! I often end up chomping something extra crunchy in my oats :( haha

    Thanks so much for organizing POTM! It came at the perfect time, just as I’ve been off track for the last couple weeks :)

  14. Katherine says

    This is just what I needed to keep motivated this month. I have been uber-stressed and ditching my workouts in favor of other chores, errands, commitments, etc.

    I have a question- I always workout after work, around 5pm or so. How will I include the miles I run on Friday afternoon if the spreadsheet has to be in at 8am?

  15. says

    Heading out today for my first 5 mile of this challenge! Woo-Hoo! Holy cow – there’s a lot of participants!!
    My worst spill was dropping an open bag of powdered sugar on the floor. It kinda turns to glue when wet and seeped in all the grooves of the hardwood floor. Complete fail and waste of an hour…

  16. Ashley C says

    I can’t believe how many ppl are doing pile on the miles-that’s awesome!!

    The worst thing I ever spilled was black nail polish on white carpet.. ouch.

  17. says

    I used to be the same way with strength training–the emptier the gym, the better! I always felt like other people were watching me lift weights & thinking about how awkward I probably looked. And then I realized that everyone’s too busy worrying about how THEY look to care how I look…sweet! Haha.

    Also, you got some serious sign-ups for Pile on the Miles! When I opened up that spreadsheet, I literally paused for a second and was like “Oh. Whoah. Time to find my name amid all this..”

  18. Aleks says

    I somehow dropped a bottle of raspberry vinaigrette from the fridge onto my kitchen floor tiles. The fridge door and cupboards were all covered in what looked like streaks of fresh blood, and there was a pool of it mixed with little pieces of glass on the floor. That would be perfect for Halloween decor :).

    [ sent you an email because I didn’t get the link. Thanks!]

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