Canned Pozole

Since I was hanging out at my mom’s all day I abused her bathroom instead of my own caught up on emails from here. When my little mom got home from work we walked the dogs and caught up on life. Walks with moms are the best wlEmoticon smile6 Canned Pozole (We didn’t get dressed up for the occasion, but this is all I got.)IMG 5543 thumb Canned Pozole

My dad had a lunch meeting at Lucille’s BBQ and brought home a massive amount of ribs, sweet potatoes and sweet biscuits. Ribs are weird to eat. And messy. And a barely have any meat. I don’t get the hype.IMG 1912 800x600 thumb Canned Pozole

I do ‘get’ sweet biscuits. I get them A LOT wlEmoticon winkingsmile1 Canned Pozole Especially with honey butter.IMG 1913 800x600 thumb Canned Pozole

My dad didn’t want to eat Lucille’s again so he heated up this can o’ Pozole. I love hominy so I had a small bowl. As a kid I use to LOVE canned menudo and picking out the hominy – anyone else? No? IMG 1915 600x800 thumb Canned PozoleI also love eating tortillas.

At the movie theater.

Which is why I don’t go to this place….no tortillas thumb Canned Pozole(source)

image thumb2 Canned Pozole

Okay, I should brave the drive home now. Boo.

See ya later wlEmoticon smile6 Canned Pozole

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  1. Floey says

    I totally picked out the hominy from the menudo soup when I was younger! I haven’t had it for so long, but I’m sure I’d do the same thing :)

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