Off to NorCal

I woke up before the sun for a long run jog this morning Winking smile. I am not cool and didn’t go to yoga yesterday like I was supposed to so my legs were super tight and tired. I cut it 11.5 miles and took a few stretch breaks.IMG_2378 (800x600)

I had random back spasm pains around mile 7. I tired to stretch, but it didn’t really help. I think I need a hot bath Smile But, there was no time!IMG_2381 (800x600)

I came home starving. I’ve never been so excited about an egg sandwich…IMG_2384 (800x600)

I considered making another sandwich, but I didn’t have time. Ben and I are off to Northern California for a couple of days. We flew out of the OC airport on a super small plane. IMG_2386 (800x600)

I’m so high right now…IMG_2393 (800x600)

Hello from the sky! It was only an hour flight and everything went smoothly.IMG_2395 (800x600)

Now I am ready to get my San Francisco eat on!


  1. says

    Is your Garmin really that big? I want to get one for XMas, but I don’t know now… I seriously have been looking at that first picture trying to figure out if its photoshopped or not for about 10 minutes.
    Hope you have fun on your mini-break!

    • Jazz says

      They are pretty big, not as big as it looks in the photo, look it up on amazon and it should give you the size.. Totally worth it though if you are thinking of getting it!

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