Tuesday Truths

I had a noon meeting and 1 o’clock client so I brought a healthy snack for in between – apple and cheese. IMG_2507 (600x800)

Tuesday Truth: I kind of find healthy snacks annoying. Snacks are supposed to be fun. But, I’ve been having way to much fun lately (see: daily chocolate chip cookie on vacation).

Cheese Truth:


Luckily, my manager brought snacks to the meeting! I grabbed a chocolate granola bar and dark chocolate PB cup. IMG_2513 (600x800)

Truth: Eating a peanut butter cup in the Pilates studio feels wrong, but tastes just as good.

I was super hungry, but needed to run an errand before going home for lunch. IMG_2518 (800x600)

Truth: While this meal appears weird, healthy and light – I ate a piece of PB toast while making it (even though it only took 3 minutes to heat). And some cereal.

I’m pretty excited about our holiday shirts at work!IMG_2514 (600x800)

Truth: Until I realized they show sweat in 3 seconds. Boo to being a sweaty girl.

Truth: The following… truer words were never spoken(source)

Got any truths to share?


  1. says

    Truth – I have never been this excited to decorate for Christmas. This is our first Christmas in the house and its going to be ridic.

    Also truth – I can’t believe how much money I have spent on the aforementioned Christmas decorations.

  2. says

    Truth-I will not buy groceries because we are leaving for Thanksgiving. With slim pickings on food I waited way to long to eat today and now I am very grouchy.

  3. says

    I sweat like crazy too. I wore a regular cotton t-shirt to the gym tonight and within 25 minutes it was soaked…and very obviously since it was gray. YUCK!
    Truth – I made my first pumpkin pie last night.

      • says

        It’s really good! I used Mama Pea’s recipe and used coconut oil in the crust – I think that’s my favorite part – and I don’t usually like crust. I made a few first timer mistakes, like not using much flour and it kind of stuck, but that didn’t stop me from having a piece for breakfast! (It’s ok, I had eggs with it 😉 )

  4. says

    I love the ice cream truth. I feel like I need to have that posted somewhere on one of my walls. That way if anyone ever questions me about something, I can point to it and really scare them…. 😉

  5. says

    2 truths for you!

    1) I only just started reading your blog, and lady you are hilarious!

    2) Cereal and honey has become a serious part of my diet. When I say serious, you may think im kidding but consider this: it was all three of my monday meals… Oh the life of a grad student…

  6. Angie says

    Truth: Apples never satisfy my hunger. I always want to eat more… Sad because I love the crispness of fresh apples.

    Another truth… I love your blog :) My husband and I both think your “Everything in moderation, even moderation” reminder earlier in the week is the best. We have two boys and it’s a great reminder that you cannot take life too seriously. It’s supposed to be fun :) I really appreciate your honesty, and wish you, Ben, and your families an awesome Thanksgiving!

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