Weight Loss Wednesday–The Zero Scale

While out and about, I picked up a Dr. Zevia (soda sweetened with stevia). I’ve had these before and loved them, but today it was not good. Weird.dr zevia

I also chomped on some veggie chips on the way home. Then, I realized I’ve been making this a bigger habit lately. Next year ‘not eating in my car’ should be a new rule. It’s not a necessity since I’m not that busy.IMG_2759 (800x600)

Lunch! My third favorite meal of the day (after breakfast and fro-yo). I made an Asian stir-fry with peanut sauce, noodles, lots of eggs and cashews. I am not kidding with the sodium on this one. IMG_2763 (800x600)

Weight Loss Wednesday stuff…

Yes, I find it very ironic that today is Weight Loss Wednesday and I am going to a cookie exchange party in a few hours. This time of year is very hard to maintain weight – let alone lose!

I made chocolate cake cookies with cake mix and chocolate chips. They were really good freshly baked last night – hope they are okay today!IMG_2752 (800x600)IMG_2754 (800x600)

Anyways, my goal for this season is to maintain my weight. With all the indulgences around – that’s hard enough without trying to get the scale to go down!!

I know some people are enemies with the scale because they get stuck on a number that can define if their day will be good or bad. It sucks.

But, I do think weighing in an easy way to check in at home outside of a pair of jeans. I personally can’t use pants because they’re all stretchy! (Yes, my jeans are stretch too. If not I’d have to get everything tailored or it’d stuck out at the back waist part.)

Luckily, there is a way to measure your weight without knowing the number – the Zero Scale records your starting weight and then updates you on your weigh-ins. It doesn’t tell you how much you weigh, it tells you your progress!Zero Scale

From their site: “The Zero Scale: a unique, high quality bathroom scale that only reports the amount of weight you lose or gain. This new type of bathroom scale keeps your total weight a secret, making it easier for you to stay focused on incremental progress.”

I love that progress is the focus and you can’t get stuck on a number! I am not sure if they are carried in stores, but you can order one online here. ***Enter  “zero” at checkout to receive 15% off.


  1. says

    I’m shooting for “maintain no gain” as well! That Zero Scale is pretty cool. I understand the idea – makes sense. I’m not super happy with my number so I don’t like to see it every day!!!!!

    That stir fry is like totally calling my name!!! :) Have fun at the cookie exchange! I’m looking forward to one next week!

  2. says

    I think the idea of the Zero Scale is great, helping folks to focus on incremental progress. I just posted it to a fitness group on facebook that I’m a part of because there are definitely a few members who are way too focused on “the number” – thanks!

  3. says

    I’ve seriously bought several scale’s in the past 6 months thinking mine is just acting up (which it does, but it always starts working again). I’m So frustrated with the scale, but thank goodness for the tape measure because that is my saving grace. Love the idea of the zero scale. You’re lunch looks yummy! Jess

  4. Jennifer L says

    Cookie party!! I’m going to one in a couple weeks and I can’t wait. Cookies are a food group to me.

    Little question… for your stir-fry, did you just use peanut sauce, or did you mix it with anything else? I’m never happy with my stir-fry sauces!

  5. says


    Today is day #4 of no artificial sweeteners — I’m a recovering Splenda addict–and I am really missing my diet soda! I am seriously posting this then on my way out the door to look for Zevia.

    I’m hugging you mentally. In the most non-weird way possible.

  6. Mendy says

    By the way, thank you so much for doing the Pile on the Miles challenge. That was a great idea and super motivating.

    ..and b/c it was fun to make sure I got my “PORN” in every day. Had A LOT of fun saying that to people.

  7. Michele says

    I know everyone says this, but you really have to be careful about relying on the scale. I was getting so mad because I dropped 5 lbs and then the scale literally would not move no matter what I did. Then I got my body fat measured for the second time by the Bod Pod (which is what the NFL uses!) and I had lost 10lbs of body fat, and gained 7lbs of muscle in 5 months. And I was running and counting calories, but I was NOT killing myself in the gym (I work out max 3 days a week) or starving. I FINALLY started believing all those people out there saying scales are crap.

  8. says

    During the holidays, I think that a “maintain what you’ve got” philosophy is right on target for me. There are certain family get-togethers that I am able to be more “on track” at, but when at home with my mom – it’s all up for grabs with my will power.

  9. says

    That is a really awesome scale! does it just start with your base weight and say +1, -1, etc? I think the mystery of not knowing might kill me though.

  10. says

    This sounds like a great idea in theory but the math geek in me would take my starting weight and add or subtract whatever figure ‘progress’ the scale reported back!

  11. says

    That scale looks awesome. I can get way too fixated on a particular number. I think a goal to maintain seems really healthy this time of year. I know I’m going to be eating a bit more than usual, so as long as I can maintain, I’ll be doing well.

  12. Juani says

    That is an excellent idea for a scale – but I don’t think there are ones like that in the stores around here :(

    You know what’s cool?My fiancé just built a machine (he works for a small mechanical engineering company) that makes those veggie chips,for a company that is going to export them to America (we live in South Africa).

  13. says

    That scale looks pretty cool, I will be going to buy one later today when I get a chance. It will be nice to see an improvement number instead of total weight.

  14. says

    Thanks for the tips and Ideas… Some of the food you mentioned I had never even heard of. I guess there’s a lot more out there than I even thought.

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