GNC Lean Shake Review

Happy Tuesday! How’s your week going?

I really need to get a new water bottle – I dropped this one on it’s head this morning and now it’s a broken. (I threw away my reusable bottle after I was sick in November.) I’ve been putting off getting a new bottle because the only place that sells ‘my bottle’ is a long drive away.IMG 3368 600x800 thumb GNC Lean Shake Review

After boot camp I did 4 miles around the area. It’s so weird to be going home when everyone else is going to work. Everyone else seems to be rushing while I’m singing Christmas songs and cooking up breakfast in my head.

IMG 3386 800x600 thumb GNC Lean Shake Review

As part of my Fitfluential membership GNC recently sent me one of their signature products to try. This is their Lean Shake in Swiss Chocolate. It is sold as a meal replacement shake, but it’s a little cold for an icy drink so I mixed some into my oatmeal this morning. IMG 3390 800x600 thumb GNC Lean Shake Review

Mixing protein powder into oatmeal is a great way to sneak in some extra nutrients. I stir it in half way through cooking to make sure it’s incorporated all the way. The Chocolate flavor went perfect with the clumps of PB inside my leftover jar! I’ve been eating savory breakfasts lately so this was like a treat.IMG 3396 800x600 thumb GNC Lean Shake Review

I liked the taste of the Lean Shake but since I wasn’t using it as a meal replacement I wish it had more protein (this has 9 grams). I do appreciate that it had a ton of extra vitamins (especially because I ran out of my multi-vitamin last week!).IMG 3398 600x800 thumb GNC Lean Shake ReviewIMG 3401 800x600 thumb GNC Lean Shake Review

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this sponsored post. All thoughts and
opinions are my own.

This reminds me I need to add vitamins to my shopping list! That, or I need to stop eating them by the handful…vitamins GNC Lean Shake Review


We leave for FL in 10 days I still haven’t started Christmas Shopping!  Guess I’m not Santa and I know it…

Question: Do you take a multivitamin?

Have you done your holiday shopping?

I want gummi vitamins (and often eat my little brothers)!


  1. says

    Yes and yes :) I also take vitamin D in the winter since I live in the silly cold north and then calcium too.
    I am all done holiday shopping! Yay! No going to the crazy stores for this girl!

  2. says

    My holiday shopping was officially done on December 3rd, but I keep getting all these emails for retailers, so I always have my eye open.

    I take a fistful of vitamins everyday – I feel like a real pill popper. It’s gotten so bad that my mom gave me her daily pill divider.

  3. says

    I sometimes sneak my son’s vitamin c gummies we get at TJs. I am done shopping as of yesterday. Walgreens has a pretty good selection of giftcards and there wasn’t much of a line.

  4. says

    Oh and did you know that Starbucks has their reusable cold drink tumblers buy one get one free today?? I am trying to not go down there (there is a Starbucks in my building at work)

  5. says

    I try to remember to take my multivitamin everyday but I forget sometimes. Maybe if I got the kid ones it will be easier for me to remember. :)

    I am just about done with my Christmas list. I have a few more to go. It’s my Christmas baking I need to get choppin on!

  6. says

    Ok so I clicked on that at work…now I’m trying to cover up my giggling so my students don’t think I’m nuts! I do take a multivitamin but like you….I ran out and forgot to refill it!! Oops. Thanks to Losing Lindy about Starbucks…hello stocking stuffer!

  7. says

    I’ve done most of my Christmas shopping, but I still need to wrap it all. I’m just not motivated this year!

    I take a multi, pre-natal, and calcium supplement every day. I love the calcium one because it’s a chewy chocolate one. So delicious!

  8. says

    I take a multivitamin twice a day at the encouragement of my nutritionist, and I also take a high-dose Vitamin D supplement after finding out that I (like 9 out of 10 Americans today) have a Vitamin D deficiency.

  9. says

    I used to take Women’s One/Day multi-vitamins & I also tried the kid’s gummy vitamins when I was showing my nephew how good they were, now he loves them!

    I wouldn’t mind some adult gummy vitamins :)

  10. says

    Yes, I do! Unfortunately like you, I ran out of them some time back and kept forgetting to buy them when I’m shopping. Fingers (and toes!) crossed, I’ll remember this weekend.

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