Junk in the Trunk

Ben was off from work today so we ran errands and did some Christmas shopping. I knew we would be out around lunch time so I brought along a salad for eatin’. I added it to our Costco picnic and dug in!IMG 3548 800x600 thumb Junk in the Trunk

But, Ben likes his ladies with junk in the trunk so he made sure I ate pizza too. Darn wlEmoticon winkingsmile11 Junk in the TrunkIMG 3547 600x800 thumb Junk in the Trunk

Truthfully, I have been waiting to hit up Costco for a churro for a week! As a Mexican who loves a good dessert, I consider myself a churro expert. Costco’s is one of the best.IMG 3551 800x600 thumb Junk in the Trunk

Then, I had a big birthday party to attend!!! SkinnyRunner’s b-day is tomorrow so I threw her a surprise party. In attendance: me. IMG 3558 600x800 thumb Junk in the Trunk

and her dog that is smaller than my iced coffee.IMG 3554 600x800 thumb Junk in the Trunktaco party Junk in the Trunk

image thumb15 Junk in the Trunk

Okay, it wasn’t a real party as much as a walk to complain about how it’s only 68 degrees not 70 like the weatherman said it would be. Liar.IMG 3556 600x800 thumb Junk in the Trunk

A blogger cannot live on iced coffee alone, so we also hit up Yogurtland for an afternoon snack.IMG 3560 600x800 thumb Junk in the Trunk

For the birthday party entertainment I decided to bust out my odd human trick – holding a cup of fro-yo with no hands! I can also eat it with no hands, but that trick got me banned from the other Yogurtland a while back.

IMG 3562 600x800 thumb Junk in the Trunk

So now I eat it with a spoon like a lady. IMG 3563 600x800 thumb Junk in the Trunk

SkinnyRunner was not impressed with my tricks. I knew I should have ordered a pair of dancing white tigers instead. Next year.IMG 3564 600x800 thumb Junk in the Trunk

Ben’s work Christmas Party is tonight so I should probably try to slap some concealer over these pimples and get ready. See ya later wlEmoticon smile19 Junk in the Trunk


  1. says

    OH and I totally love Costco too. How do you rate their frozen yogurt? We really like it. I know there are no toppings, but maybe you could go get some samples to use as toppings? Or maybe bring some??

    (I kid..a little )

  2. says

    Love the exciting party! Lol! I love churros! When I lived in Spain we always hit up the churros and chocolate stand as we stumbled home from a long night! Ahhh those days when I didn’t have to wake up at 5am to get in 12 miles! :-)

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