Ask a Monican Says the F word on accident

Ask a Monican with a  big pimple

I address this email:

I really enjoy your blog. You have such an upbeat personality and zest it seems for life. I also think you have a healthy view towards food, body, and life in general. I am striving for that as a goal. I know you state on your blog about weight issues though to me you look great but anyhow I was wondering if you ever felt or did go to extremes to maintain a size that was not meant for you? Not necessarily an ED but trying to control your body to a size it was not meant?  Also what helps you not to compare to women who are very thin?  
Another question I have is I see how much you love to run and you do it a lot. In one blog post you were mentioning how you were in a funk and first thing that came to mind was maybe too much activity. Have you or do you think now even you struggle with compulsive or over exercise? I don’t mean to offend you I was just wondering cause you seem so active and I don’t know what the line is where it becomes unhealthy. Lastly do you aim for certain amount of calories a day? You don’t seem to post that though talked about intuitive eating and does it change when do more activity?
I do really enjoy your blog. Don’t feel you have to answer anything you don’t want.

Warning: I feel like it’s really loud. You might want to lower it before I blast you out.

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  1. Erin says

    I just wanted to say that I think your blog is amazing and I love reading your posts. I’ve probably mentioned it in previous comments but your entries are hilarious and your Ask a Monican series comes across as so genuine and helpful. Honestly, even if you aren’t talking about things specifically relate to me I still think your content is really relevant on some level to everyone. Thanks for taking the time to do what you do, Monica!!

  2. says

    That was such a great video. I loved when you said the f word – you looked so shocked.
    I feel like I am in the same shoes as you. I have no problem eating and would love to be able to lose some weight. I’m definetly not happy with my size now. But sometimes it’s hard because ice cream tastes so good!
    Thanks for such an honest video!

  3. says

    I love love love when you say that you have learned to appreciate your body for what it is and what it is capable of!!! So true and so many girls just keep pushing themselves to be something they are not meant to be. Girl, love these vlogs.

  4. says

    Monica, great video today. And I agree on the guy part; being with Whit has brought out so much confidence in me and the way I present myself, which has thoroughly helped with my recovery.

    And I think you’re just tired, not lazy. :) We should hang out so you can relax…since I’m going to move in three months. Got you now! WE NEED TO HANG OUT!!!

  5. says

    Good stuff! I’m kind of like you in the sense that I definitely know what I should be doing to lose a few pounds but am not making the full effort. And you seriously look great. From the comments you’ve made we’re supposedly the same size and you look ten times smaller than me.

  6. says

    Ok kidlet is in bed, and I watched the video. I really liked this one. You are really honest and honestly,had you not mentioned the growth dominating your face pimple, I woudn’t have seen..seriously..I was kidding before.

    I am so happy you understand why you are in a funk. I think that is a hard thing for me to get. I still don’t get it. I want the desire to work out, and right now it isn’t there. Maybe tomorrow? Maybe tomorrow i need to tell myself “for today just walk 3 (2 or 4 or 59) miles. Maybe I will get it back. I can’t seem to get it back.

  7. says

    This vlog addresses so much of what I have been going through! As a former fat girl (300lb-er) I still find myself feeling like I’m in that body and at times I am way over critical of myself. It is taking time to learn to love ‘me’ and it’s also comforting to know that other people lick the bowls, spoons, pans, fingers, plus copious amounts of cookies this time of year and that I’m not alone! Just your mention of marathon training makes me excited to get back on a structured training plan next week for my marathon #2 in March! Love your blog, love the vlog, love you!

  8. says

    awe that was my FAVORITE video. Great advice. Inspirational. My ex really helped heal my overeating/binge as well. Now that I’ve ended the relationship, and slightly fell back to old habits, I’m doing it for myself! And you’re right. Fake it until you make it. This is the body we were born with and until you ACCEPT as it is, no matter how much extra weight there is, you can’t improve. Because you’ll only act out of self harm.
    Thank you :) Love your blog. And next time you’re in SF, Id LOVE to meet up :)xoxo

  9. says

    Absolutely love this vlog post. I’ve been following your blog for a little while but this is the first time I have commented.
    I love your honesty and laughed when you said the f word haha.

    Oh p.s. I watched this on my iphone so I barely noticed any pimple :)

  10. says

    Love how you can put this stuff into words for me and other people!

    I really like how you tackle the subject of comparing–you’re honest about it! I am coming to terms with how my body looks compared to others’…I look different than my fellow fitness instructor friends, triathlon training partners, or running buddies. It really is sad but it took an E D and years of being miserable (at all different sizes, I’ll add) to come to my happy (or nearly happy) place…but I think I’m getting there! Now I can want to exercise/eat healthy (and blog about it, of course) without it being about the size of my butt.

    THANKS for this post.

  11. JC says

    Thank you so much for being so honest and open. I think acceptance of one’s body and self is key. Who knows maybe after accepting, it will gradually move to being happy with what it looks like. I think it is great that you have healthy people in your life. Positive people make me feel more positive about myself. Hope you get out of your funk and enjoy your holidays too!

  12. Andrea says

    Hey Monica, we don’t LIKE the mass-produced, scrawny, emaciated runner type, that’s why we are all here reading your blog! You shouldn’t ever feel self-conscious for not falling into that category, we all like you just as you are.

  13. says

    I blasted it.
    when you were finished the child shouted AGAIN AGAIN.

    and yeah.
    we love you how you are.
    we meet you where you are.
    xo xo

  14. Jessica says


    Didn’t notice your pimple either and yes of course we always compare ourselves, we shouldn’t but we simply do. And you’re gorgeous the way you are.

    And – if marathons are hard on your body, well then don’t do marathons. That may sound stupid but it’s not because you can also be runner who runs half-marathons and 5 and 10Ks.

    I tried being a marathoner but it’s not for me yet, I may love long runs, I love tempo runs and doing intervalls and I love running up to 50 Miles a week but racing a marathon is still mentally and physically too hard for me so I don’t do them. But I love running shorter distances.

    As for the binging issue – in my experience it’s really important not to beat yourself up for dysfunctional eating behaviours. Period. It happens.
    Sometimes I still “forget” to eat and find myself being nauseous, dizzy and sweaty, and tachycardic as my blood sugar level drops – well – best to eat then and not berate myself for not having looked better after myself.

    So, I am going for a run now. And it’s raining and cold!

    Enjoy your holidays!

  15. Jessica says

    Great Ask a Monican. I especially liked where you talked about surrounding yourself with people who just aren’t mean and don’t talk down about others. I think that’s key when it comes to self-confidence. Your friends sound seriously awesome and between them and Ben and your family you have an amazing support system.

    There was alot of good stuff in this video, I could go on and on about what I liked (F-bomb! You looked so shocked, haha!).

  16. says

    I was wondering if you could feature BEDA on one of your posts.

    BEDA is Binge Eating Disorder Association. I could put you in touch with one of the board members. They have resources on their website that might be helpful for your readers. In addition, they have helping professionals that your readers could look up as well.

  17. says

    I laughed when you said the “F” word. The look on your face was priceless. lol

    Honestly, I feel better when I’m not counting calories. I feel like that is obsessing and getting way too technical, but that’s just me. I know it’s great for many people, but if I’m eating what I am supposed to, I know I’m within a good limit for me and I can also tell by the way I’m feeling. I think one of the best things I did for myself was learn to truly listen to my body to determine what I needed to eat.

    First vlog of yours I’ve seen, and I enjoyed. :-) No one ever comes to Arkansas for anything (haha) so maybe someday we’ll meet at a race somewhere. Happy Holidays!

  18. Diana S. says

    You are so flippin cute!!! (pimple or not) I love your blog and vlog posts. I can’t wait to check for a new post every day. You are such an inspiration to me. I just started running again, and I struggle with my eating every day. You make me feel like I’m not alone, and that, eventually, I will get through this. Wish I had a friend like you close by. But since my best friend lives in Colorado, and I’m in So. Cal., I’ll just have to stalk your blog!!! Thanks for everything you do.

  19. carrie bradshaw says

    i loved this video and the f word! haha – i was grinning out loud:) you rock! it was great meeting you in vegas! i totally agree – my ben (ben is my fiance’s name) has definitely helped bring up my confidence with my body image and has helped me learn to love and appreciate my body, whether i am ten pounds heavier (more curves) or at my ideal weight (less booty). i wish we could be friends in real life – have a merry christmas, girl! i’ll be reading your blog from oz next week…

  20. says

    Counting calories definitely worked for me, but I had to back off of it once when I was getting too obsessed. I still track online so I have a basic idea, and yet even though I’ve been doing it for forever it seems like, I’m still horrible at doing it on my own. I’ll think I’m within a certain range, but then if I sit down to track it I’m way off!

    I think everyone just has to do what works for them. We’re different people, so everyone doing the same thing is crazy!

  21. Julie says

    Love your blog! I feel like my breathing isn’t what it should be when running. I run 2-3 miles almost every day and still slow down to walk a minute a couple of times and then start again because I need to slow down my breathing. Any advise for me to try? BTW, you look great!

  22. says

    I really enjoyed this vlog. I tried counting calories but it always made me miserable and so focused on food. That’s why I love Intuitive Eating – I still maintain the same weight but I’m not obsessed about food. And I think that even when you’re so active and running marathons, and eating to fuel your body, it’s hard to see 3,000+ calories in your food log. So I would encourage you to try cutting out a nonessential treat or something here and there instead of counting calories. But if it works for you, it works.

    I also agree with your perspective on body type – enjoy where you are and what you’ve worked for, instead of always focusing on what you haven’t achieved yet.

  23. Kristina T. says

    Thank you so much for this post! I am super guilty of comparing myself to other girls and it drives my fiance crazy! He is wonderful and thinks I’m beautiful just the way I am…Thanks so much for your honesty and ps. I barely noticed your pimple!

    Happy Holidays!

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